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Title: Wonder Project J
Rom Player: ZsnesW
Reviewer: ZeldaDD

Synopsis: Once there was a great inventor in the field of robotics named Gepetto. He created much, including robots known as Gajin, robots created to serve mankind and to help us. Even though the Gajin have helped humanity greatly, many are prejudiced against them, and treat them as slaves, seeing them as inferior. Gepetto never meant for this to happen, so he began work on his greatest inventions, a mechanical boy named Pino, and a very special device contained within him, the mysterious Circuit J. Unfortunately before he was able to teach Pino how to be human and awaken Circuit J the evil Prime Minister of the island Messala came into Gepetto's workshop and stole him away. Now you must step in to help. You have to control the interface robot Tinker and help her teach Pino what it means to be human, awaken Circuit J, and save the Professor! This game has good graphics and music, but most of all it's very original. I don't think I've ever played another game like this one. You also get attached to Pino as you teach him, which is something I found out. :) Basically, you control Tinker and punish or reward Pino when he does something right or wrong, often teaching him things to help him through the task you see in that chapter of the game. Often those wrong things can have really crazy consequences. For example, in my game once he ate the cat. I'm not sure why, but he must've been hungry or something. You also have to keep an eye his health, and his battery power level. If he gets too run down you'll suffer a breakdown, and Tinker will have to haul him back to the workshop and repair him. Overall it's a lot of fun, and if you're playing it on an emulator, be sure to hunt down Wakd Hack's translation of the game.

Best Cheats: There are none, but just to note...this game has two endings. What you get depends on how well you play.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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