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Title: 3 Ninjas Kick Back (2nd Review)
Rom Player: Zsnes
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: Games from movies are usually very weird....

This game is also very weird and dull and boring and useless and I am tired of writing adjectives. I will just say it's very very bad. Okie dokie...but that's not completely true. It is bad but it's not OH MY GOSH LOOK HOW HORRIBLE THIS GAME IS kind of bad. But...it's close.

Story - 3
Uh...is there a story? To be honest I don't really know. I never read the manual I never watched the movie. I have noooo idea of what's going on in this game. I remember the movie was kinda popular back in the 90's....early 90's? Like 92...or 93 or something but I never watched it because it all looked LAME to me and this game is pretty lame too.

Game Play - 3

Hi...This is my game play section. Also known as I have no clue what to say here!! This game has game play? Well....okay...This game is like a platform game. Well it's not ''like'' a platform game. It is a platform game. You get to play as one of the three little ninjas dudes, all of who look like they're about 6 years old. There's Rocky and Colt and Yum yum or something like that. I forget his name. Rocky is kinda big, Yum yum is really small, and Colt is in the middle. One has a sword I think the other has a stick or something and I forget what the other one has. You basically run around in a bunch of stages and fight other people and stuff. You just from ledge to ledge hit enemies and collect bonus things. It's your standard platform action game. But, it's not standard in the ememy department. For this is the only platform I've seen for SNES where the enemys block your attacks. One enemy can take as long as 10 seconds to knock out.

Music / Sound - 3
Let me try to remember how this game sounds.....Ok I remember now. IT STINKS! You know the stuff over the opening isn't too bad and during the game it's okay but man it's so repetitive! Guitar rock stuff blah blah blah. So crappy it's almost scary. You know and swish swish when you swing a sword and grunt grunt when you die. And.....the monsters ding ding. And....some voices when you pick a character and they say "Let's murderize 'em!" LAMO with a capitol 'L'.

Graphics - 2
Eww......Can graphics get uglier?? Probably...but.....blah.......this is just ugly. U-G-L-Y. You stay in the same stupid forest and the trees are boring. there are dead pumpkin head scarecrows hanging from the trees?? what the heck are those things? The enemies all look EXACTLY alike and they are about 1 inch tall...and the little boys you play as are about that big too. Ick to the highest degree.

Overall - 3
Uh.......I would say get the movie instead but it's probably stupid too. If you have money to spend on a game then please spend it on something other than this. If you are considering downloading this ROM then let me suggest something else...if you have the time and space for a game then do yourself a favor and get something other than this. This is not a game. This is a waaaaaste of time and space. Fun? Not at all. Boring? Yes! Repetitive? Yes!!! Crap? Ooooooh yeah. It is. I played it so you won't have to. The things I put myself through for this wonderful website.

Best Cheats: Note:I don't know where your sopposed to enter these.

Level passwords:
Level 2: Rocky, Cult, TumTum, Mori Shintaro
Level 3: Blonde hair guy, Dump guy, Glasses guy, Mori Shintaro.(I don't those guys name so I describe them.
Level 4: Cult, Rocky, TumTum, Koga.
Level 5: Koga, Mori Shintaro, Cult, TumTum

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 2
Overall Rating: 3

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