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Title: Act Raiser (2nd Review)
Rom Player: Zsnes
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: It took me 15 minutes to just figure out how to get into the 'action' part of the game. And what really stinks, I can't do it again either. But I'll try and remember how it was that one time I got to play the real thing.

You see you a playing as a angel type character who had his powers stripped from him by a monster named Tanzra. You can't get you powers back by yourself, so you must gain the trust and support of the people by destroying monsters and goblins and just really nasty things like that. You also have to aid the town folks by granting their wishes. Some of their wishes are things like fires, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. Or even clear land for them. In the end of each town, things get screwy and you return back to the ground and battle more monsters. After that the town is ''Cleared'', but you can return to it to get new things. When all six towns are ''Cleared'', you have enough strength and power from the people in order to attack Tanzra and regain your strength completely. It is a long and involving story that is brought on with the exceptionally good Game Play.

Your character looks more like a knight than an angel, but nevertheless he is one butt-kicking angel. Hacking monsters and giant fireflies never was so fun. Except maybe in Monster Party for NES. One little flaw is how he jumps; I can jump higher than him with a broken foot! That and it takes so dang long to get into the fun part of the game.

Average graphics. Nothing special. The monsters are pretty well detailed. One of the bosses looks like Motaro for Mortal Kombat 3. Except with armor.

Typical RPG sounding music. It doesn’t sound crappy but it also doesn’t go with the general feel of the game. You might have a different opinion though.

You gotta hand it to Enix for making a game like this. It has a nice blend of RPG and action. Even a little touch of the Sim City theme.

RPG's aren't really my bag, but I know their are tons of folks out their that just LOVE them. Me? I prefer fighting or a good platform game. Download this one if you want. It has the makings to be somebody’s favorite game.

Best Cheats:
Hidden Extra Lives
Here is how to find four hidden extra lives in the game's towns:
Fillmore - When you get the Compass, use it here.
Bloodpool - Make it rain over the big lake.
Kasandora - Cause an earthquake after uncovering the pyramid.
Northwall - Strike the town's shrine with a lightning bolt.

Professional Mode
To access the hidden Professional mode, first, beat the game. Then on the title screen, highlight ''New Game'' and press Down or Select.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 7


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