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Title: Crystalis (2nd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: ED

Synopsis: This, my friends, is the greatest game that was ever made for NES. I still have it in my NES, my NES is still hooked up, and I still play it on a regular basis.

The plot line is the best I've ever seen in a NES game, carrying you through plains, caves, swamps, mountains, forests (well, that's a stretch), deserts, waste lands, oceans, towns, pyramids, techno wonder lands, you name it. With all sorts of nameless enemies, bosses, and more, it's the best RPG I've ever played (including computers, and other systems).
You wake in a strange cave, with some weird-arse machine behind you (as in you step out of it). Exiting the cave, a guy panics, leaps 6 feet, and runs away. Blah blah blah, it takes less time to go play the first area of the game then it does to explain it.

Another great feature is the customizable armor and weapons. Near the end, you may have that psycho armor + shield with the sword of Crystalis, but before that you could have anything from tanned hide and turtle carapaces with the sword of wind (the weakest sword, but you'll find yourself using it even after you have the sword of fire (second), water (third), or even thunder (strongest until all three are combined), to Platinum armor. Weird little "Balls" or "bracelets" can be found, which greatly increase the power of the sword. You can learn spells from the "wise men". The only downfall is that you can only get to about level 16 or 17. After you hit that and keep going, you better pray that you're good enough to take the next batch of stuff on!

If you ever see the game, buy it. Buy it even if you don't have a NES, and then buy a NES afterwards. Or be cheap and get an illegal ROM, I don't care. Just PLAY it, you will NOT regret it.

Best Cheats: Well, there's two. You need 2 controllers to do so. One is pause, (I believe A), and the other is a free teleport to any city you've been to (wicked in case you run out of MP/warp boots). I believe the free teleport is A+B together, but I don't remember at all any more (Just because I play it often doesn't mean I CHEAT!).

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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