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Title: Metal Gear
Author:Konami (Through Ultra in the U.S.)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Matt Reed

Synopsis: Be Honest. How many of you thought that Metal Gear Solid was a new(not a sequel)"New Game" and not a sequel? I did. For bout' 3 seconds. Then I ripped my original NES Metal Gear cart out of my 40+(!) collection of games and played it again.


This game is awesome, plain and simple. It was the very first game of it's kind. It was not original in perspective (Overhead view, just like Legend of Zelda or damn near every RPG in existence.) It wasn't the combat. You had guns, and you used them without (almost without, I'll get to that later) prejudice. The originality was in the gameplay.

You see, you started the game without even a frickin' 9mm or 45. to your name. You start with nothing but some smokes (Which have use in MGS, but not here) and kung-fu skills. Fortunately, you only have to fight as much as you want to. You have to slip into places without getting caught. If the terrorists catch you, you'd better waste them (Kung-fu, remember?) Or get the hell out of Dodge because they send in reinforcements. Does taking on 5 to 10 pissed off, AK-47 packin' Scumbags without a gun sound good to you? Didn't think so...

Oh I don't mean to say that you don't get guns. You do. You first gun isn't a gun. Itís C4. (Matt's tip: Don't waste it.) Then a handgun. Then an UZI with an annoying spread feature that makes it almost worthless except for room clearing. Then, a RC Rocket that is best used for non-combat purposes like disabling control panels for electric floors. Then, An M-79. Aw yeah, no wussy rifles for your guy. Next up is of course, a Frickin' laser beam. Just kidding. It's a Rocket launcher, only you can move after it's fired, unlike the RC Rocket. Also, you can get a silencer (Because firing the HG or Uzi without one causes everybody and their next-door neighbor to hear it and rush your poor, lonely ass.

Oh silly me, I forgot to write about the plot.
In 1998 (The future, for the game's release date of '84-5) A band of terrorists operating from a base called "Outer Heaven" (Translation goof?) have kidnapped Dr. Pettrovich, a Nuclear Weapons Expert(and by Expert, I mean "knows how to defuse a bomb without touching it" kind of expert.) and have forced him to create (Introducing the REAL star of the series..) "Metal Gear". The boys at Konami must've OD'd on Gundam because MG is a "walking tank" that can launch a nuke to anywhere on the planet. The U.S. Government hires an elite Mercenary unit "Foxhound" (Read up, this is important for MGS1) to stop them. Of course, their first agent, Grey Fox (VERY FRICKIN' IMPORTANT FOR MGS1!!! Also try to play the EMU only Metal Gear 2.) is captured, so they send in their rookie agent, Solid Snake (Get used to the mullet, he ain't goin' nowhere for a looong time.) to save Dr. Pettrovich and Grey Fox, take out Metal Gear, kill several thousand Terrorists and save the world!!!

Oh yeah, your only contacts are Foxhound's Leader, Big Boss,(I'm praying that's a code name.)
and other various resistance members. And guess who the final boss is? (Matt's clue: It IS NOT METAL GEAR!!!) Iím not telling.

This is the game that started a legacy. And it kicks ass. Buy. BUY NOW!! or I kick you! (Kidding)

Best Cheats: None

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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