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Title: Kirby's Adventure
Author:Hal Laboratory
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Bonecrusher

Synopsis: A big fat cloud pimpiní dreamland..?
Not really but man can he inhale things..
This game is about a cloud who loves to eat...
He inhales things and spits them out..
Wow sounds like a boring game?? Well itís not.
next to Super Mario Brothers 3 this game is what youíve wanted to play and have played most of your NES hood. Kirby does more then just suck and blow.. he can absorb powers by pressing the down button once the monster is in his mouth. Now this game has tons of levels and fun replay factor.. Best weapon in the game has to be the microphone!
The levels are alot like super Mario-style and well the games graphics remind me of New Zealand Story aka kiwi kraze but a lot better in some sense
This game has awesome music and it keeps you at the edge of your toes. Plenty of bosses and sub bosses which you can also inhale and its pretty easy on the first 4 worlds.. Oh one other thing
You don't need a stupid raccoon leaf to fly..
Just press up and your full of hot air

Best Cheats: Beat the easy levels over again and grab the 1ups

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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