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Title: Desert Strike
Author:Electronic Arts
Rom Player: Genecyst
Reviewer: ItalianStereotype

Synopsis: HAHAHAHAHALOLOLHAA I LOVE THE STRIKE SERIES! One of EA's finer non-sport games. The basic premise of Desert Strike involves a madman trying to blow up the world, or something of that nature, in this kind of game you really don't care about the plot. So of course you have to fly around the Middle East shooting sandmonkeys instead of going after the crazy bastard. To carry out your task, you are given an Apache helicopter armed with a winch to hook onto weapons and armor left in the wake of your rampage. You are also assisted by a co-pilot of your choosing who, depending on your personal tastes, can do such things as shoot at infantry or help you fly while you are trying to shoot that last towelhead who is somehow avoiding your rockets, vulcan cannons, and missiles. Once you get used to the controls, however, the co-pilot becomes obsolete. Both the sounds and graphics were based on actual military technology are both extremely pleasing. There is no music in battle, but you won't notice with all the explosions, gunfire, and helicopter noises. The backgrounds don't vary too much, but you won't care. You have the ability to roam freely over the battlefield destroying anything and everything, and after playing for a while you begin to develop an obsession with collecting all the extra ammo and armor available. SO MUCH FUN IT'S SIMPLY INEXPLICABLE!

Best Cheats: BQQQAEZ-10 lives
LQAHQRL-2nd level
ILLBWBY-3rd level
BTOBKLW-4th level
HBV-MFD3-25H-5th level
IYS-MFD4-O46-6th level
EVV-G92R-7th level
Fly over the oceans and you won't lose any fuel!

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8

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