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Title: Adventures of Bayou Billy, The
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Baxter

Synopsis: Ever wanted to play a game about a hillbilly that lives in a swamp? Well, here's your chance with The Adventures of Bayou Billy, the hillbilliest and swampiest hero of them all!

Billy is your average swamp dweller, he talks funny, wears a cowboy hat, and most likely wrestles alligators. He even managed to get a woman, I don't know if he kidnapped her or drugged her, but he has a woman. Life's good for a redneck alligator wrestler it seems, and Billy has a good life. That is, until Annabelle, his woman, is kidnapped by a fat guy in a greet suit. Since Billy needs her back, he decides to head out of the swamps and kill everyone in his way. Will Billy get his woman back? Will he manage to stop the fat guy? Will he ever gator wrestle again? Only time will tell...Oh screw time, he gets his woman back at the end.

Have you ever wondered how Double Dragon would play like if you were a dirty hillbilly instead of a street fighter, then you may be the audience Bayou Billy's shooting for, because I'm sure anyone else would probably only like the game because of the name (like me). The game controls sluggish in the fighting mode, Billy walks like he's having his period, and given the storyline in the game, it's possible. While your busy trying to walk, guys who really have no point to the story will walk up to you and punch you. Fighting back is hard as Billy's limbs reach out about 8cm ahead of him, limiting to hitting people that are basically hugging him. Say, I bet you're probably wondering if the enemies are of variety? Actually, you're probably not thinking that, you're probably thinking how hot Billy's woman is, but I'll answer the question anyway. There's about five different types of guys in the game, ranging from guy in blue overalls, to a guy in green overalls. Wow, that fat guy in the green suit can really pick his team well.

So is there more to fighting in the game? You bet. There's also a shooting mode, where you play as Billy in a first person scrolling area. You'll shoot at enemies that appear out of nowhere and try to shoot you. The question is, is it any fun? No, not really. The enemies are actually very small, and trying to hit them is like trying to find a good Yahoo Serious movie. It's insanely difficult, and it's tedious to play.

Finally, there's the driving mode. It seems Billy has a jeep that uses treadmills to drive because it acts like a tank. Switching from lane to lane on the road is a task in it's own, as Billy's jeep moved about 3cm a minute. And I guess Billy was prepared for someone stealing his woman, so he has taken the liberty of attaching Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers to his jeep ahead of time. How he managed to get these in a swamp is beyond me, but I'm mainly surprised how Billy's hat is never damaged despite him getting punched, shot, and blown by other cars.

So, is Bayou Billy a good game? No, not really. Is it worth playing? I wouldn't suggest it. Will we ever see another game about a gator-wrestling hillbilly that lives in a swamp? God, I hope so.

Best Cheats: In Practice mode, beating certain levels give you bonuses in Regular mode. Make sure to keep your system on as you switch modes.

Driving - Defeat it in Practice mode to earn a full tank of gas in Regular.

Shooting - Defeat it in Practice mode to earn 100 extra bullets in Regular.

Street Fighting - Defeat it in Practice mode to earn a Raw Meat bonus in Regular.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 5

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