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Title: Casino Kid
Rom Player: RockNESx
Reviewer: Baxter Jonez

Synopsis: Ever wanted to become a poker addict, a guy that enters all the tournaments, and then loses all of his money to a guy with a patch over his eye? Well, then Casino Kid is the game for you.

The main thing you'll notice as soon as you begin to play the game is that you don't actually play any casino games besides Poker and Blackjack. I don't see why they wouldn't have called the game Poker Kid, because that would make more sense. But enough about titles, the main question is if the game is any good?

For as casino game on the NES, is isn't half bad. The poker in the game is fun, and it can get pretty tense sometimes, especially when you're playing against such opponents as a 40-year old housewife, and some kind of British General that makes strange faces when he loses. The opponents will bluff, and for NES, they are quite smart (But by today's standards, they're about as smart as a piece of wood with a face painted on) The weakness in the game is Blackjack. The main problem is that the computer cheats. On numerous accounts, the opponent beat me, even though I was higher. One time I had 17, and the opponent had 14, and they won. I usually don't complain about cheating if I'm the one cheating, but I can't stand cheating computers.

Graphics? Well, graphics consist of a top down view of a casino, and close-ups of people's faces during a match. The top down view is a bit repetitive. I've never seen a casino that has so many damn poker tables. The close-ups of the people's faces can be quite humorous, especially when you beat them, and you see their shocked faces. They look like they were just kicked in the crotch.

So is Casino Kid worth playing? I'd say, maybe, it depends on how much you like card games. Just don't go in thinking you're going to be playing games like Slots, Roulette, or Keno, because even though the game is set in a casino, and has the word casino in the title, you're not going to find much casino games here.

Best Cheats: QHTSQ PPEAM

This is a password for $750,000

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 6

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