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Title: Herzog Zwei
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: ItalianStereotype

Synopsis: What can I say about Herzog Zwei? It is a masterpiece and irrefutably glorious. I have played many games and reviewed a number of them, but with the exception of Tales of Phantasia, none of them can even begin to compare to this game. One reason why this game is so special is that it is the very first RTS (Real Time Strategy to all you dumb bastards, what the hell are you even doing here?) Westwood likes to claim they dropped the first RTS with Dune (I think), but no, Herzog Zwei came around while they were still in R&D. If you have ever played an RTS before, you know the drill. 50 units per army and the victory goes to the person who destroys the enemy base. Instead of playing an omnipotent God type, you are a transforming jet cyborg guy who can fly around, take troops places, and run everything from behind the scenes.

OR you can go in cyborg mode, lead your troops yourself, and crush some heads like cracked out Megatron. Your character is not invincible however; you must keep an eye on both fuel and armor. If you happen to be destroyed, you waste valuable time regenerating back at your base. You also must watch your troops ammo, fuel, and armor. A missile unit with no missiles left won't do you any good and it takes up room and resources. Most of the time your enemyís bases will be clumped together and there are no different races in Herzog Zwei. This means that much of the time, you will be charging in outnumbered with no weaknesses to exploit that can be directed right back at you. This is one way that HZ is better than many RTS games today; it actually requires a mercurial, changeable strategy. Of course, to help develop your strategy you are given a certain amount of money per second to fund your 50-man army. As you control more of the map, you make more money. Here is a split for many people. Do you go on a fort building expedition to get more money or do you take what you have to build an army and slow down your rapidly growing enemies?

A word of warning: if you tend to foam at the mouth and preach Rapture prophecies whenever you lose a game, don't even bother. You will lose. A lot. As you learn, the computer will take no pity on you. Herzog Zwei is HARD. But this brings to mind the BEST part of the game, TWO PLAYER DEATHMATCH!!!! In a heap of split-screen goodness, HZ allows you to plug in and play against other people! SUPER COOL NUMBER 1!

The graphics are all pretty decent, the characters all animated surprisingly well for the time (1989 I believe) and the environments are all crisp and varied.

The gameplay gets a little getting used to, but when you get it down, it flows easier than most other Sega games you will ever play. Only problem is that you can only really move where your cyborg commander guy does, so you better plan carefully.

Music? Think Command and Conquer; remember how all those tracks got stuck in your head? Well yeah, itís going to happen here too. My personal favís from when I was a kid are "Funeral March" and "Death of the Iron Knights".

If you have a Sega get this game, if you don't have a Sega, get this game. They are hard to come by now and could be sold to a hardcore gamer for a damn good price.

Best Cheats: You won't want them, but for a challenge, try this: Final Mission Cheat: JLJOIGLAOKN


Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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