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Title: Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Caignazzio

Synopsis: First of all, Double Dragon V is not a DD game; it is a fighting game, not a side-scroller. With that said, I urge all those who wish to remember DD for the first three good games, I haven't played the fourth, to turn away and ignore the fact that a fifth exists. On to the review: When you start the games, you can chose from several characters from the mid 90s cartoon. See, I told you DD traditionalists should have turned back. After that, you can choose from tournament, versus, or story mode. The plot of the story mode varies according whether or not you pick a good guy, Billy or Jimmy, or a bad one. The villains are from the show except for Bones, a skeleton whom I don't remember, and no, you can't play as Shadow Master. For the Lee's, the plot consists of you trying to stop the shadows from releasing a virus, and for the bad guys its trying to take Jimmy's old place at the Shadow Master's right hand.

As far as gameplay is concerned, imagine Street Fighter 2 with crappy moves. The similarities between the two games doesn't end there either; remember when a player was knocked out and that groan/cry was uttered, well expect the EXACT SAME NOISE, I didn't think stealing noises was legal. In addition when a character is hit with fire, yeah, you see the same guy-on-fire animation.
There are two bosses in the game; one is Domonica, or something like that (Editorís note: Dominique). Like Bones, I don't remember her in the show, but hey, someone needs to have huge tits and I would rather it be her than Billy. Shadow Master is the final boss, but you can't get to him on easy mode, and I don't want to put enough effort into this game to beat it on any other level.

Oh, another Street Fighter similarity: Remember in SF, all the levels had nice backgrounds with people watching the fights. In DDV, the levels all have people watching too, only it doesn't make any sense; why are people watching random acts of violence. "Hey there's guy with a gun on his arm beating up a guy with a sword! Letís forget about any possible danger and watch!" Very realistic. Also, these people are there in nearly every level, whether it be on a rooftop, or INSIDE a chemical plant. The best background, however is Sub-Zero's, er, Iceman's, wait, Icepick's; his back round is a Quickie Mart, with prostitutes in the front. What is even better is that these whores are so pixilated that when they cheer it looks as if their breasts are moving by themselves. Winner for the second best background is in the sewer. See, the sewer is right under the Quicky Mart, so all the magical boob whoresí pimps are there; in addition, they are all black, so either they are saying pimps like to hang out in sewers or that black guys do. In summation, RUN, RUN , RUN , DON'T LOOK AT IT!!!!

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 2
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 2


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