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Title: Terranigma
Rom Player: Snes9x
Reviewer: darkfire321

Synopsis: So here it goes... I'll try not to give the whole opening away, 'cause it's all great. Ok, so you're this pretty cool guy with spiky kinda hair in a nice little town in the world under the world. I guess it's kind of an underworld; it is underground (as far as I can tell). Oh yeah, FYI this is the sequel to Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia (Editorís note: it isnít a sequel, but there are many similarities), and it never came out in the US; itís Japanese but there have been translations for the ROM (Editorís note #2: It actually was released in the US). But anyway, so youíre this spiky haired dude living in the underground world. Something disturbs the peace of your little town thingy. You go to check it out, and end up with a nice new staff, this little box that is like a little room you can go into by pressing select, and a mission to go through these few dungeons scattered around in the underground world of yours. After doing all of this, you're probably feeling fine and dandy and such, but then you get an even bigger responsibility put on your shoulders: You're sent up to the Overworld, which has been completely destroyed. Everything has been gone, boom, destroyed, bye-bye all living things. There aren't even any islands until you resurrect the first one. Then once you replace the island, the creatures are still gone, and so you go through the current dungeon and mystically find a thing that resurrects all the creatures of that sort. I remember that it starts with the grass/flowers, then you free/resurrect birds, then other animals, then people, or something like that. It's all pretty cool. And then in between these big ďbringing back of cool living stuff,Ē there come many little quest-y things that are really innovative and cool like that. I think the whole thing is really a masterpiece; you should play this game now... NOW! PLAY IT! Or do I have to hurt you?! Really, though... It's a great game. The controls work well, graphics are good for SNES and they're smooth, I liked most of the music; it fits in perfectly, very original (besides the other two in the series, but they made those too, and they have the right), and overall, great game. Some parts might take you a while to figure out (I remember one part in particular that was pissing me off, but for one thing, it gained me a lot of levels, and two I felt stupid when I did find it, because it wasn't really that hard). Anyway, download this game, play it for long hours at a time, keep playing it, and enjoy it. ENJOY IT!!!! Ah, you probably will anyway, I don't need to tell you that... Anyway, have fun with Terranigma.

Best Cheats: none that I know of

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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