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Title: Predator
Author:Pack-In-Video,Co Inc.
Rom Player: fceu076win
Reviewer: NinjaBurger

Synopsis: Predator- a permanent part of my mind. Ever since I saw the movie when I was 6 (yes, I was 6, so what?), the Predator has been to me what the Nintendo and old consoles are to you guys-great. Imagine my delight when I found out that there was a game made for the movie Predator. Once I found it, I downloaded it as quickly as humanly possible, only to find out that like ALL Nintendo games that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger that this one sucks also.

The definitive worst part of the game. You run around as Arnold WITHOUT a weapon. How pathetic is that? Did he like freaking forget all his weapons at home or something? You'll run around trying to punch guerilla terrorists and killing evil scorpions for the first two levels, jumping off ledges and trying to get to a hut at the end of the level. You might get lucky and get a grenade, but they're so hard to aim and when you get them, it's impossible to get back out of where you jump down. Why bother in the first place?
After the second level, you start wandering in the jungle(?) and dodge giant, evil amoeba, alien bugs, and other things that aren't characteristic of a jungle or anything of this world. This part got me wondering: What the hell? Did they mix up Predator and Alien and make some hybrid? After the third level, you do more frustrating platform fun, and then finally get a useful gun, only to lose it to a PUNCH anyway! ARRRGGGGH! THIS GAME WANTS TO FUCKING TAUNT ME!!!
Near the end of the level, you get to fight the Predator. At this point, I wanted the Predator to tear out the lungs and various other body parts that were in Arnold. I started breaking down in tears when all the Predator did was a roll jump and a punch; I mean, how bad did they want the Predator to look? I killed him with my gun without moving an inch from the spot! I left for the hut, and then the screen switched from a jungle(?) to a PINK background where Arnold was about 6 times as big and shooting at colored balls and powerups. This is where I stopped playing and curled up into big ball and broke down.

I couldn't tell where I was at any time. Sometimes I thought I was in a jungle, other times a hanger; how the hell am I supposed to know? The enemies are also horrible. I ran into a total of 2 enemies in the first 2 levels; the only difference is one is red, another is green, and there's a flashing scorpion wandering around, sometimes jumping. What the fuck?
On the next 2 stages, there are some alien(?) creatures floating around and shooting at you and you appear to be in a jungle of some sort, even though it looks more like a dark hanger.
The "Big Stages" as the cart calls them have flying balls, the background is a bright pink hue, and you look like a couple of poor pixels. Need I say more?

The music is kinda dull, I don't know what to really say about it; it's just....there. Sometimes it's annoying, but most times you'll just drone it out.

Wow...A platformer for Nintendo. You don't say? Can you shoot at objects and pick up powerups too? WOW! Can you also fight lousy creatures and run around punching things? JESUS CHRIST! THIS GAME HAS EVERYTHING!

Final Thought-
If you have this game, you know my pain for this. If you have not broken it already, I would appreciate you send it to me so I can properly dispose of it where it belongs (strapped to a couple fireworks and thrown in a fire)

Thank you.


Game Play: 1
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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