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Title: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: If you want to see a great Super Nintendo game, well I've got a treat for you. Surely many of y'all have heard of Sailor Moon, let alone seen the show, but this game is sooo freakin' cool. Here's the story (Don't read unless you are familiar with the second series): Chibi-Usagi falls on Usagi's head, and makes her family believe that she's her cousin. At the same time, the Black Moon, lead by Demando ('Diamond' in the U.S. version) is trying to steal the Ginzuishou (Japanese for Silver crystal). The Gameplay is like that of Final Fight, and can hold a candle to it. There are Tons of monsters in this game and I'll show you Their names, looks, and attack methods (Don't read unless you are familiar with this series):
Combater: Short & fat, these guys be a real pain in the ass since they attack low.
Makeup Gal: Speaks for itself, they will either punch you or belch on you.
Abacorda: Machete-wielding plant woman, their attack has decent range and if given the chance will start spinning.
FuRaiKi: Killer hair sylist, these creatures attack with batons, blow-dryers, and an electic shock attack.
Regular Henchmen: Speaks for itself, attacks with punches and kicks.
Jaramen: Liquid women, They are hard to hit and may even grab you.
Danble: Freaky and has a long attack distance, and it can grab you.
The graphics of the game are well done, including the Sailor Senshi (Soldiers), the animated backgrounds in stage 2, and the Black Moon members as well(Note #2: The Ayakashi sisters don't appear in this game unfortunately). The music is the same in the show minus the god-awful intro song. This game also has voice acting, and it was done well from "On behalf of the Moon, I'll completely punish you" to "Luna-P Attack!" This game is definitely worth trying. Not to mention there are 4 endings to this game.

Best Cheats: Same Player Chibi-Usagi:Hold L+R+select+start at the same time when you highlight 'Chibi-Usa' and you will get same player mode (Chibi-Usa only) and a 2-player mode with a Sailor senshi of your choice
(Note #3: You cannot choose Sailor Pluto in this game even though she appears in the fourth ending) with Chibi-Usa.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10


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