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Title: Popeye
Author:Parker Brothers and Nintendo
Rom Player: Stella
Reviewer: Anonymous

Synopsis: Way, way back in 1983, I played the Popeye arcade game at Food City and loved it. That fall, I was thrilled when I learned that Parker Brothers was making Popeye for the Atari 2600. I was thrilled until I played it.
It had good points and bad points. The good points were that it had all three screens and it played music. The bad points were that Brutus glows like he's radioactive and he has super courage. When you eat your spinach, Brutus walks right towards you instead of running. What's the point of playing this game if Brutus doesn't run? Also, when you punch bottles, it looks like you're catching them.
On screen one, you must catch twenty hearts that Olive throws at you (They don't look like hearts). The hearts fall down the screen until they reach the bottom. If you don't collect the hearts when they hit the lake at the bottom, they'll crack and you lose a life.
On screen two, Olive throws twenty music notes at you. You must catch them before they crack in the lake.
On the third screen, Olive throws twenty of the letter X at you. Once again you must catch them before they crack in the lake.
You get one can of spinach per screen. You turn red when you eat your spinach. Olive Oil is red all the time. Is she embarrassed?
Parker Brothers probably did the best they could being that it was for the crappy Atari 2600. But the game isn't much fun. PB did a better job on the Colecovision and Atari 5200 versions.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 1

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