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Title: Pirates!
Rom Player: Nester
Reviewer: Dennis

Synopsis: Shiver me Timbers! A game about pirates...ARRRRR! This was probably one of the only strategy type games I ever really played. As per usual with strategy games the course of the game depended on choices you made. You chose your pirate's nationality English, Dutch, French or Spanish. You could also choose What time period the game is set in and what skills you pirate had. Some of which are: Skill at gunnery which meant you could fight sea battles easier, Skill at fencing helped in duels or in the swordfight part of the game after you got into the castle or onto the ship you're attacking. Skill at medicine enabled you to play a longer game. The game included a map which helped you find towns to attack or go into depending on whether or not the nation that owned that town was pissed at you. Among ships from each nation you could also attack other pirates and either hold them for ransom or ask for info. You also had to search for your family who got sold into white slavery. After rescuing a relative you got a map to a treasure.

Music was pretty much non-existant when you were out at sea which got to be quite boring. But it was played at the bar where you could recruit men or find info and when you went into a town or captured a ship. I'd say just keep a radio handy. So what if Motorhead or Howard Stern doesn't belong in the 17th century. This is about the only downside I can really think of.

The Graphics were average. Nothing too fancy or crappy. Not too hard on the eyes. Even though some of the ships looked pretty much the same. But I blame that on the technolgical limits of an 8 bit system rather than the designers.

This is pretty much the closest you can come to being a pirate without getting scurvy, being butt-raped by drunken lunatics, or having the parrot from G.I. Joe on your shoulder.

Best Cheats: n/a

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 8

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