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Title: Gotcha! The Sport!
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: Angry Gamer

Synopsis: Let me start by explaining why I am writing this review: Gotcha! was made by LJN - which I think stands for "Lotsa Jap Names" or something like that. LJN made horrible games (I won't review it, but check out the reviews for Friday the 13th - it actually killed people, KILLED PEOPLE). This is a review of the best game LJN ever made - Gotcha! The Sport!.

What you have here is 3 different stages of paintball fun. Yes, paintball. Gotcha! was the name of a brand of paintball guns that came out in the late 80's. It was awesome; the marketing was right up there with Zap-It, another toy squirtgun that shot you with colored water that would turn clear after a few seconds. There was also Laser Tag and Photon, which were laser gun games. Man, the 80's were awesome. Oh, but Gotcha... See, Gotcha! was a paintball gun that was marketed to kids, so every kid I knew had one (my parents bought me the Zap It set) and we'd go out and shoot each other. Well, needless to say I'd get the crap shot out of me cause they were shooting paintballs and I had a glorified water gun. Gotcha! was good. Pain was bad.

Along comes the Gotcha! video game and I stole it from a friend of mine (my parents thought the video game also shot paintballs). I studied the game for weeks, straight through the winter - I got a lot of game time in on it. Then, it was showtime - the spring. There I was, all cocked and ready to go, Zap It gun ready to fire and...

I got pummeled. The damn game is quite possibly the most retarded shooter game ever. I turned into the dumbest capture-the-flag player on earth and the "friend" I stole it from set the whole thing up. Damn gringo.

See, the game has you walking -sidestep- which is great as you shoot lifeless people dressed in radiation suits. I guess that's the way to win: get someone to dress in a huge ass suit and go hunting sidestep. I think one of the neat things you could do was shoot a squirrel or something.
Hell, I don't remember much about it except it's probably the only LJN game I'd sit down today and play.

Editor's note: This is a Lightgun game, and as of this date, no emulators emulate the lightgun.

Best Cheats: Go buy a real paintball gun and go nuts

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 6

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