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Title: Worms
Rom Player: Zsnes
Reviewer: TaoNakamora

Synopsis: Little worms, BIG guns = fun. This is a game with a bunch of teams of worms. They get guns and bazookas and tear each other apart. Thereís no blood or gore or storyline. Now, to the ratings.

The Game play is pretty good, except your guns are limited, and 1 player mode gets kinda boring.

This is the huge down point of the game. They are tiny, barely visible worms in a big world, on a SNES. This probably could of been released on the NES.

This is 50% Music and 50% Sound Effects. Music gets a big fat 0.The little music that they have is absolutely horrible. It is 30 seconds of sort of army marching music, and a worm shouting Incoming! And then it repeats and gets annoying the second time you hear it. The Sound Effects get a 100%. The sound effects make you feel like you're a worm on the battlefield. They way outdo SNES standards.

Oh Come on; Little worms, BIG guns. Itís so original!

Overall Rating:9
This is a great game. Even though it has next to no music, and the graphics are a step down, I urge you to play this game.

Best Cheats: Oh come on, go to options and have fun.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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