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Title: Berzerk
Author:Stern and Atari
Rom Player: Stella
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: Years ago I bought Berzerk for my Atari 2600 at Roses. It only cost five dollars. I liked it very much. The arcade Berzerk was made by Stern. This version was made by Atari.
On Berzerk you're a man fighting robots in a maze. If you touch the electrified walls, the robots, or Evil Otto, you die. You can also die by getting shot by the robots.
On the first screen, the robots don't shoot at you. On the second and every other screen, you can stop the robots lasers by shooting them.
If you think you can't survive a screen, you can exit it. But you'll only get a bonus if you destroy every robot on the screen.
There are twelve game variations on the Atari 2600 Berzerk. On some games, there is no Evil Otto. On other games, there is an Evil Otto, and he can't be killed. And there's also games that have Evil Otto and let you kill him. Evil Otto is a round ball with a face on it. He bounces over the screen.
Game twelve is the easiest game variation on the Atari 2600 Berzerk. On game twelve, there is no Evil Otto and the robots never fire at you. You could play it all day long if you wanted.
This Berzerk was very good, but it didn't talk like the arcade version. But you really couldn't expect a 2600 game to talk. Fortunately, the Atari 5200 did talk.

On berzerk.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 6

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