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Title: Centipede
Rom Player: Stella
Reviewer: Randy Johnson

Synopsis: My mom bought me the Atari 2600, Centipede, and Phoenix for Christmas of 1983. She bought them at Kmart. The blue light was flashing, and she saved a few dollars.
On the arcade Centipede, you control a pesticide gun. On the 2600 version, you control a magic wand. That's why your weapon is shaped like a square block.
You can fire at centipedes, spiders, scorpions, fleas, and mushrooms. These are the only square mushrooms I've ever seen.
If you play the easier skill level, the spiders won't kill you if they touch your magic wand. Spiders can earn 300, 600, or 900 points. If you shoot them far away, you get 300 points. If you shoot them a little closer, you get 600 points. If you shoot the spiders when they're extremely close, you get 900 points. Scorpions give more points than anything else. They give 1000 points. Scorpions poison the mushrooms and cause the centipedes to come barreling down towards you when they hit them.
I liked this game but Atari could've made the mushrooms look more realistic. I give the Atari 2600 Centipede a 4.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 3
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 4

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