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Title: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Another Story
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: Yet another Sailor Moon video game for people like you. This game takes place after Sailor Moon S, and introduces us to some new faces. This starts when the disgruntled shaman Apsu helps a bunch of girls called the Opposite Soldiers try to destroy the Imperial Ginzuishou in the name of society and peace. However, Neo Serenity thought that it was Death Phantom, the 'wise man' in Sailor Moon R that created Black Lady (Wicked Lady) who was responsible and calls for the Sailor Senshi. The game plays much like Final Fantasy with a few modifications to the battle system. Graphically, it is like Holy Sword Legend 2: Secret of Mana; nice and anime-ish.
The music is good, although repetitive at times.
The voices are good, but Haruka, who happens to be the lesbian Sailor Uranus sounds like an 11-year old boy, and it gets annoying after a while. If you want to know the names of some of the characters and some background info, here it is:
Usagi(Serena)/Sailor moon: The moon princess that just won't shut up(if you watch the show you'll notice that this girl is a crybaby, a wuss, and has low intelligence).
Mamoru(Darien)/Tuxedo Mask: The only Sailor Soldier that's actually a man, and is constantly stalked by Queen Beryl (Note: She is the Redhead with the complexion that looks like she came from Ground Zero).
Ami/S. Mercury: The study-obsessed girl that is always preparing for exams, which are more frequent in Japan due to more school days.
Rei/Mars: The stuck-up Shinto priestess who pokes fun at Serena. Has a poor relationship with her father.
Makoto(Lita)/Jupiter: Went to Juuban Jr. high due to her fighting incidents, and is single.
Minako/Venus: A degenerate blonde who just follows around guys left and right.
Hotaru/Saturn: Killed in an explosion, then possessed by an alien youma. Then eventually becomes a Soldier.
Dr. Tomoe: Hotaru's Father who was possessed by the alien Gelmadoid. He and the alien are killed along with Kaorinite.
Haruka(Amora)/Uranus: The lesbo soldier who has a highly powerful sword.
Michiru/Neptune: Haruka's girlfriend and partner who also has water powers like Mercury.
Setsuna(Trista)/Pluto: The lone Senshi that needs
a boyfriend, need I say more?
Chibi-Usagi (Rini)/Chibi-Moon: Usagi's and Mamoru's daughter who is just as annoying as dear, sweet mom.

Best Cheats: Head for www.Gamewinners.com in order to beat this tough game.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10


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