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Title: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (4th Review)
Rom Player: Nester
Reviewer: skulhedface

Synopsis: I bet you thought Dracula was dead for good at the end of Castlevania, didn't you? Obviously then, that'd make you a naive, blind bastard, judging from the INSANE, Megaman-esque number of sequels this game has received. Besides, vampires don't die that easily.
In Castlevania II, you resume the role of vampire hunter and famous lover (look how many descendents this man has! He must be Latino.) Simon Belmont. As Simon, you traverse the land in search of Dracula's body parts in an effort to finally make it to Castlevania and destroy the count (maybe it's because I lost the instruction manual, but I have no idea why you'd need to PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER to kill him again. Maybe Simon's just that bored.) You travel the land, gaining the famous vamp's body parts (including his nail, Press Ons just must not be cutting it anymore) and liberating the mansions from the clutches of the servants of the wicked Romanian impaler and buying holy trinkets and weaponry from the kindly price-gouging townsfolk.
Graphics are downright excellent for an NES game. Notice the dead bodies hanging down all over the mansions. Notice the graves actually have a little detail. This game has an AMAZING look for an NES game. If only I could figure out if Dracula just needs a tan or if his face was also missing.
The music fits the scheme of the game as well as NES music could, but most of you newer Castlevania fans might wish they could put a more "Symphony Of The Night"-ish track into it.
This is a very involving game, requiring you to search every nook and granny to find all the items necessary to find and defeat the blood sucking menace once and for all...until the sequel.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 9


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