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Title: Castlevania - Dracula X
Rom Player: SNES9x
Reviewer: skulhedface

Synopsis: Ahh, the life of a Belmont. Knowing that one day, you will have to wake up, grab your whip, and go crack it across the ass of a creature of the night that just won't stay dead.

Castlevania: Dracula X finds us in the role of yet another of the Belmont brethren, this time lacing up the leather boots of Richter Belmont, the latest of the infamous Dracula Slaying clan.

This game actually takes a step back from Super Castlevania 4 in that it actually controls a bit like Castlevania 3 in that you cannot use your whip in 8 directions like you could in SC4. However, the series takes its first step forward with the infamous Item Crash maneuver, in which the tertiary item Richter is carrying can be used in an all out frenzy; for example instead of throwing one dagger, Richter takes his daily shot of speed and begins throwing daggers at frightening speed and frequency. And don't tell me that chemicals have nothing to do with it, he growls and turns red as he does it. TURNS RED. Typical of a steroid freak. Anyway, you traverse through the 6 levels of Castlevania's surrounding areas until you make it to the Count himself, the unholy Impaler, the creature of the night, the King of Vampires, the... ahh, I'm out of euphemisms.

Graphics are above the standard set by SC4 in that the sprites and backgrounds are much clearer. Richter is more appealing to look at than any of his Belmont forbearers, and the burning town and castle environs he traipses through in search of the unholy master are absolutely gorgeous.

Music is standard for the Castlevania series, being kooky enough to fit a vampire game, but what helps my score is the remix of a couple of classic Castlevania tunes. Mmm, nostalgia.

Originality is where this game's gonna get slapped in the nuts. Except for Richter's back flip, his slide, the Item Crash and the two different ways to get through levels 4 and 6, you've seen it before. You've done it before. Ain't nothing new to see here folks. Go home.

Overall, as a Castlevania fanboy, I wasn't too happy as it seemed like a step backwards after the standard set by SC4, but again as a CV fanboy, I got my necessary Castlevania fix until I picked up Bloodlines on the Genesis and later SotN on the PSX. I was let down, but not disappointed. I still enjoy this game, but like visiting family, it's only good in small doses.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 7


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