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Title: Wizard Of Oz, The
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Matt M. Koopa

Synopsis: You are saying "what the fuck is this?!" I know, I'm Matt M. Koopa the mind-reader, and I'm going to read the makers of the shitty game and show you how they destroyed The Wizard of Oz

Matt: Now you must be one of the people who made the Wizard of Oz right?

Some guy who is drunk: Hi mys namey us Fanrk and I'm gya.

I knew this would be a hard mind to read so looked into his mind, all I saw was some naked pictures of that guy (shudders) from Baywatch and..GASP! How the graphics were made. One day he was drunk after going onto drunkmenwholikecrappygameslikethis.com and he was given the job of making the graphic. Knowing that the guy was drunk I saw some crappy graphics. That slut that carried a dog in her basket looked like Michel Jackson, only worse and the enemies were gay looking. Know this homo was too gay made the enemies look just as gay, like lemon drops from trees and crows in jackets. The backgrounds came from a storybook, and the storybook must have been really graphic, the backgrounds were painful to look at. I see that this drunk wants to make the move I me, so I'll level this place and go onto the next loser.

I met up with another one, this time in a XXX shop, he was the owner of the shop, I said hi and asked him about the game, he was glad someone asked him because he was the person who made the game play, so our little chat began...

Matt: So how was this game made so shitty?

Owner: Well one day when I was getting laid by a really hot chick and I...

Matt: Well?

Owner: Fuck Off!!!

Matt: ...

Well looks like my mind reading powers have come to use again, this time it wasn't screwed up like the last one and I what I saw was not that nice. Looks like the guy was to busy getting laid to make the game fun. He made the character's controls crappy and made their attacks shit. He thought that shooting weapons would make the game better, which it didn't. The jump was shit and painful, while doing oral sex and programming at the same time. The four characters, Slut with dog, Scarecrow, Tin Man and The Lion had different things they could do, Slut and Scarecrow did the same things, Tin Man can't jump and Lion boy can stick to walls. The levels were pointless and mindless, made super hard or stupid hard. I left this poor souls mind and store and tried looking for the next one.

Sadly the person who made the music passed away not to long ago. I visited his grave and saw the words "music was shitty and sounds were awful, get off my grave asshole! This guy must have had an anger problem. My mind reading was useless, so I left. Suddenly this ghost came up to my back and told me about the game music, I told him I know how it was.

My adventure was a bit fun unlike this game. I saw that people who make bad games get bad lives in 5 years. Get this or I'll screw up your mind and send you to hell. HA HA HA!!!

Best Cheats: My mind-reading powers are trying to find a de-suck code. This game does need one bad.

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 1
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 1
Overall Rating: 1

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