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Title: Legend of Zelda, The (3rd Review)
Rom Player: NESticle
Reviewer: VolCanon

Synopsis: Is it just me, or does this game actually suck when people always say it is a real classic? I have played it on a real NES and later on emulation, and I have to say this game isnít worth my time.
Game Play - very basic. Like most games of the time, the enemies are exceedingly stronger than you. Movement is somewhat choppy. You can only attack at close range (unless you are at full health, but STAYing at full health is basically impossible), and if the enemy touches you, you get hurt. Personally I really hate all those games where when you obviously can't be hurt, you do. It takes forever to get enough money to buy from the various pixel-men in the game. I give Game Play 4 and thatís being generous.
Graphics - Horrible. I know it was early on in the Nintendo life but still the graphics are bad. You can't tell what some things are by looking at them and in some places floors are solid colors. There are few enemies that donít get palette swapped.
Music - Again, sub-standard. Little more than beeps and such. Even for Nintendo, the sounds, such as killing an enemy, aren't realistic at all.
Originality - Ok. I give this a 10 because the newer and much better versions of this genre came out later. I suppose you can call this game a first attempt for games later like Legendary Holy Sword (Seiken Densetsu).
Overall - 3. This game isnít worth anybody's time, so don't play it. A lot of people didnít like Zelda 2, but at least that game is more enjoyable and far less monotonous.

Best Cheats: Dont know.

Game Play: 4
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 3


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