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Title: Drakkhen (2nd Review)
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Starlit_Rinoa

Synopsis: Drakkhen is your typical RPG platform game. You can create and name your own set of characters and guide them through an “Adventure” which takes place in a fantasy setting. Like many other RPGs available on the Super Nintendo, it is limited in its capabilities, and requires a fair amount of patience to get through; it’s not your typical “Slam, Bang, Score” type of game.
It carries a lot of originality in its storyline, though the plot is of a very simple sort; a classic adventure that epitomizes the struggle of Good vs. Evil.
The game carries an encounter system similar to SNES Final Fantasy games, randomly throwing you into a battle with one or more monsters which you can either fight or flee from. The experience system is good, the music is classic, and it boasts a buying system based on character level and location (Each “segment” carries it’s own unique stock of weapons and items.)
It features a guided equipping system which shifts through each location, providing you with a list of the appropriate items and their stats, and allows you to sell or even drop excess equipment and items.
The “world map” is large, and features eight castles (six which can be fully explored,) and a dozen smaller buildings through which the locals give you their two-cents. In addition, it holds several secrets, including a building, not on the map, but viewable through the interface, which holds not only a fair amount of storyline that changes depending on your progression, but also the best merchant on the island.
The interface is unique as well, showing a portrait of your character which changes depending on what you have equipped and is replaced by a picture of crossed swords in the event that the character dies. Don’t worry though; if one or more of your characters does bite the dust, there are items and magic which are fully capable of resurrecting them and should you find yourself without one, there’s always an “Anak” nearby where a priest will gladly revive and fully heal all of your characters for free.
In addition, Drakkhen also features a very informative in-game tutorial system which can often be useful should you find yourself stuck. (Just access the controller icon on the right-side of the interface.
Though some may feel that this game is not worth the time spent playing it, only you can judge for yourself. I urge you to give it a try; you may find Drakkhen to be one of the better SNES RPGs.

Best Cheats: Though this game likely has it’s own set of cheats, I have never come across any of them.
Please, feel free to check into it.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 3
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 7

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