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Title: Shining Force II
Rom Player: Kega
Reviewer: 13lack |-|azard

Synopsis: Alright, the second Shining Force, and my favorite of the series. There are a lot of things that separate SFII from its predecessor.

The first noticeable things are the graphics which are superb for a Genesis game, and the sound (well more specifically, the music) which I thought was pretty dang good for its time. But that doesn't make a great game. SFII is better than SFI to me for a lot of reasons, such as a more logical plot, your people actually get better if you promote them (although I haven't tried making my characters a really high level before promoting them in SFI) and the combat is tweaked a little for more action.
These mentioned topics kind of bothered me in SFI because… characters would join you for really no reason to start with the plot. Also, the main villains keep leaving you to their minions instead of dealing with you themselves (which would murder you, yes, but that still bugs me). The final thing that bugged me about both plots was that both kings give you a little gift… a cheap ass gift of one or two hundred gold pieces. What the heck? Their kings! You're their man, doin’ all this crap and they can only give you a handful of gold that can't get you anything really. As for promotions... like I said, I hadn't tried making my characters higher than the minimum for the first, but it really handicaps your guys, at least in the beginning of a promotion in rank. The combat in the first one got a little frustrating with all the dodging, which usually resulted in the death of one of your "army" since people died faster in SFI. In SFII, combat is a little longer and in general, people don't die as fast as in the first. Oh yeah, and the characters are more balanced in SFII than in SFI. Such as… there being four or five knights (at the point I was at) in SFI and three clerics (healers), which made the game kind of redundant and bland. In SFII, the mages and clerics/priestesses are a lot more vital because they're a lot more rare.
The main reason I like the game and why games should get high ratings in my opinion… is SFII is fun to play, getting back on track. I believe it’s longer than SFI, though I haven't finished it yet. There just seems like more to do both role-playing wise and in battle. I don't know… maybe I'm weird... I haven't played too many tactical RPGs but I haven't heard too great of them, so...

Best Cheats: Don't know of any.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 7


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