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Title: Dragon Quest 6
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: VolCanon

Synopsis: This was the first Dragon Quest game that made a big departure from the previous games graphically, (Kinda like FF6 compared to FF5, which still looks like NES). It's the first Dragon Quest that has a deep story and builds on all the innovations that DQ5 had. For about the first 1/4 of the game you are "player's name", you find some allies, including a big fat guy named Hassan and a girl named Mireyuu (same one that appears later in the Dragon Quest Monsters series). After you beat the first big boss, Maou Mudo, you can pick classes for characters, like a combination of the Espers and Jobs of FF5/6, except that it is implemented much better here because if you make a fighter a mage, he is indeed a crappy mage. If you donít level guys up to 99, their statistics play a big part on whether their job is any good. (Not like in FF6, which by the end, all you have to do to win is have everybody cast Ultima and do 9999 damage). One of the classes is called "monster user", which sucks statistically, but lets you convert monsters to your side, like in DQ5. There are far less than in DQ5, but most of them don't end up sucking if they donít appear near the end of the game (in DQ5 there was ceilings for most monsters). Anyhow, you can convert Slimes, Slime Knights, King Slimes, Healer Slimes, Lost Metals, Wind Mage, etc. In my game, I had all five slime-types you can have, just cause all that goo looked cool. Later in the game there is a "Slime Arena", where you can pit your slime against a bunch of monsters. This is very cool; there is even a slime-only entrance if your party is composed of only slimes. (The best slimes for that are the King Slime, or Slime Knight). Like most new DQ games there is a lengthy secret dungeon after you finish the game normally. There are also lots of other secrets, such as two secret classes, dragon and Lost Metal (gives you minus 90% HP, + 500% Defense power).
Anyhow, Gameplay I give 10. It's way harder than FF6, has a good story, and much better replay value.
Graphics are 9, just because they squished the King Slime into the normal character's shape, so it's only a little bigger than a normal slime. Otherwise they are stunning for a SNES game.
Music is very good, I give it a 9 just because some sounds are annoying like the thunder and dragon call in the beginning sequence.
Originality is 9 because they put a lot of work into this game to make it a big departure, and when an RPG beats FF6, you know it's good.

Best Cheats: You can use freeze frame on an emulator just before you hit a battle in an area you can meet Metal Kings or Lost Metals (best experience in the game), to increase the chance you meet one of those because the monsters are randomly picked. It is not preset if they will run away or not so you can freezeframe until they dont run. This makes the game a lot more easy though.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 9
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10


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