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Title: Barbie Super Model
Author:Hi Tech Expressions
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: R. Brown

Synopsis: Get set for a truly mediocre time as you follow Barbie through the excitement of her life as a Super Model. Four lackluster levels of driving very slowly, bike-riding very slowly, roller-skating very slowly, and walking very slowly are interspersed by "games" revolving around getting dressed, applying make-up, and practicing and performing moves for the cat walk.

However, my main gripe with the game isn't actually its lack of action, challenge, and a point, but rather its unrealistic portrayal of the modeling industry. The game would hold far more interest for me if it involved throwing-up food, hissy fits, blowing designers, snorting coke, and dating rock stars.

In BSM's defense, I suppose Mattel have really laid off the product placement. Despite the obvious cashing in on the Barbie franchise, the game doesn't contain any overt messages urging you to buy any more of Barbie's myriad accessories. Another plus is that the driving level encourages reckless driving involving cutting-off other vehicles and changing lanes without an indicator, but considering Barbie drives at a speed more appropriate to a heavily sedated 70 year-old, it's hardly enough to redeem the game. Also, if you have a thing for early 90s fashions (leggings, ra-ra skirts, floral prints, etc) and caked-on makeup, the game may hold some sentimental appeal, I suppose.

All in all, Barbie Super Model takes the fun out of both Barbie and Modeling. You can't rip her head off, take drugs, force her to simulate sex with a G.I. Joe, or get Botox injections.

Way to ruin my childhood memories, Sega.

Best Cheats: There is no way to cheat in this game, because there is no way you can really lose as long as you have hands, eyes, and a pulse.

Game Play: 1
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 2

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