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Title: Destiny of an Emperor
Rom Player: JNES
Reviewer: Zaruki

Synopsis: Destiny of an Emperor was a video game by Capcom based on their Romance Of The Three Kingdoms series 'Tenchi Wo Kurau'. Unlike the Street Fighter and Megaman series, this series is not very popular nowadays and Capcom does not intend to make anymore games of the series. It's a shame though, this was a pretty good series.

Gameplay: You start out playing the Oath Brothers, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, who swore to quell any traitors of the Han and reinstall its former glory. After the first major warfare, Liu Bei will become a ruler and you will have to find more generals to recruit to aid in the quest to make Liu Bei the Emperor of China. Recruiting generals usually require beating these certain generals in a nonrandom battle first at a certain territory and then met again in a random battle. After the end of that random battle, you capture a general, you can attempt to recruit that general (some will join easily, will request money, will ask for a steed, or just refuse) to expand your army. Other generals (who have historically joined Liu Bei's Kingdom) can be recruited without the previous procedure as they can join just by talking to them, fighting them in a nonrandom battle and then ask to join after winning. Your party consists of at most 7 generals at a time, but only the first five can be in battle at one time. The strategist, in any position besides last, will always be last and less likely be in battle (unless your party has 5 or less generals), but are still useful to access their range of Tactics (RPG equivalent to magic). In this game, there is no stat growth (as their STR & INT are permanent), only # of soldiers growth (only for certain generals) and Maximum Tactical Points increases for the group level. A General's # of soldiers is the RPG equivalent to HPs. However, unlike HP, the number of soldiers that a certain general has left does affect how much he attacks, with low soldiers does less damage while more soldiers do more damage to an enemy when the STR is still the same. Unlike many RPGs, there is no real variety of generic enemies, only forces like Rebel Forces, Brigands, Pirates, Bandits, while the majority is fighting actual generals (can also be found in random battles), but the number of soldiers the 'generic' forces increases as you advance to harder areas in the game. In battle, there are standard menu choices (Fight, Magic, Item) but there are other choices like Report (show an enemy general's stats) and All-Out, which puts the battle pretty much on Auto and makes battles quicker. This option is a necessity for random no-strategy battles to be over quickly or when you have an edge in battle that no strategy is required. Another good thing in the game is the walking speed, it's pretty fast and not so tedious compared to other RPGs.

Graphics: The standard "Don't compare 'yesterday's' graphics with today's graphics" statement applies here. The graphics are similar to the Dragon Warrior series, only a step-up from Dragon Warrior 2. Another video game company, Koei, makes their Romance Of The Three Kingdom character designs realistic, while Capcom's DOAE series makes their characters anime-style. Probably the biggest complaint is how the 'nonimportant' generals all look similar.

Music: The music is excellent. The second overworld theme and the Sun Quan/Si Ma Yi final battle are the best songs in the game.

Originality: This RPG is the type of 'collect them all' game where you need to recruit plenty of capable generals to advance throughout the game. Since this game came out before any of the Pokémon games, it's considered original, although it's not a necessity to enjoy this game.

OVERALL: A Great Game, Period.

Best Cheats: Early Supplies: When you first start out in the game, find a merchant in the current town you are in to receive food and money. Food in this game is a necessity to keep your troops healthy. Two generals at the right (Song Yong/Ren) are recruitable if you need their services.

Breaking Liu Zheng out of the Prison: Most people have trouble getting past this area. This is what you need to do to break that cell door. First, ram on to the cell by standing next to the door and press up and hold it. You can hear 'bumping' noise. Stop holding the up button to rest for a couple of seconds, then ram again. This process is only repeated 2 or 3 times. Before you know it, you've broken through the cell.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 9

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