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Title: Splatterhouse 3 (3rd Review)
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Billy_87

Synopsis: I remember many years ago when the Sega Genesis and SNES were competing over who was better and such, before PS1, and N64, PS2 and such. I also remembering renting Splatterhouse 3 a lot, and for good reason: The Splatterhouse series had to be one of the most violent game series in its day, but I donít remember it getting that much popularity. A pity. Splatterhouse 3 also gave me inspiration to play other violent video games, like Resident Evil and Quake and stuff.

Now, I understand that there are 2 other reviews for this game, so I wont get into the plot too much, but I will say that you are Rick, some poor fuck who has to rescue your family, Jennifer and David, from monsters in your own house. I heard itís yours, but címon, there must be 15 or 20 rooms on each level, and 4 or 5 floors make 50 rooms! And I remember that they have the worst of luck with monsters. I mean, you would think that they have an escape route or emergency ladder in case the monsters come back, but being the dumbass that Rick is, I guess he deserves to have it come back and bite him in the ass. Uh anyway, yes so although originality is sort of lacking here folks, there is one unique concept that makes this game exceptional. However, it can make Spattlerhouse3 bad sometimes. In the first 2 levels, you have to get through the levels ASAP, because there is a time limit (Editorís note: There is a time limit on every level). And if youíre not fast enough, Jennifer or David will die. If one of Ďem dies, or both, or neither, it will change the ending. I heard having them both die makes the best ending, but that kid was a bloodthirsty psychopath, so I guess it all depends on your taste. You have a map, so instead of killing monsters faster, sometimes itís better for Rick to find a shortcut. Oh, and another thing cool about Splatterhouse is that itís more like a Double Dragon platform. You can move up or down, which makes the game less frustrating than the previous two, but still challenging. And I also like the fact that the Mask he wears looks more like a skull than a hockey mask. Me, my brother and an older friend by 2 or 3 years got into a huge debate. The kid, called Josh, never knew much about Splatterhouse, and thought it was Jason from Friday the 13th. Of course, we all know different.

Also, gameplay has improved, but has not been perfected. There are more moves, and thatís all I can say, that and the scroll thingy, except that itís not original.

The graphics. Hallelujah!! Thatís what makes the Splatterhouse series exceptional. The blood, the gore, the mayhem! It kept me glued to the controller despite the difficulty, and the problem of dying so many times. Every player says that the blood in the game made Splatterhouse 3 exceptional, and I agree. Címon, who plays games nowadays just for the gameplay and challenge?

Originality falls though, because everyone has seen a platform Double Dragon where you beat the crap outta the monsters/aliens/punks/police/robots/cyborgs/terrorists. You name it, they beat Ďem. But Splatterhouse is the better of them.

So if you have a Sega Genesis, get this game now! Donít make the same mistake I did. I didnít really take care of my system see, and now I cant play it at all. Boo hoo.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 9


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