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Title: Dragonball Z - Hyper Dimension
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Komus

Synopsis: When Akira Toriyama finished, "Dr. Slump" - the manga and anime that had given him recognition in Japan - he decided that he wanted to create something completely different. A great fan of Jackie Chan, and inspired by his favorite film, "Drunken Master II," Toriyama chose to swap the western setting of "Dr. Slump," for that of China. I could continue to explain where the roots of the Dragonball story come from, but I'm sidetracking a little. My point is, "Dragonball," was a strange little series, but when it reached it's second incarnation, "Dragonball Z," it broke into mainland Europe with it's fast fighting, flying, colourful, energy shooting action.

The first games to appear about Akira Toriyama's kung-fu world, where on the SNES - a couple of RPGs and the fighting series, "Super Boudoken". While fans welcomed “Super Boudoken”, it failed to create a fighting game that would attract players unfamiliar with the Dragonball series.

Hyper Dimension, then, did. If truth were told, it is more of a Street Fighter clone, than revolutionary game. But Street Fighter was good. "Dragonball Z - Hyper Dimension," took the strengths of Street Fighter; diverse characters, fast action, crunching moves, eye-destroying colours and flying. Oh, wait a minute... flying? Yes, of sorts. "Super Boudoken" allowed a player to fly, but when two players were fighting, the rotating split screen could make fights very confusing. Instead, Hyper Dimension chose to give players a few moves that would hit their opponent in the air, and follow them. In the air, flying at each other and dodging energy blasts was the order of the day, and when one player began to feel airsick, a few more moves would bring the fight back down.

So it’s Street Fighter with flying... great. Stop being so cynical; there's more. Energy blasts. And I'm not talking about some silly man in white pajamas (Goku's are orange) throwing a pathetic fireball. I’m talking about, "Kame Hame Ha"s (See Screenshot 2). Complex meteo, or desperation moves to balance out fights. Players can also charge up, replenishing health, but leaving them open to attack. Of course, there is a story mode - every Dragonball Z saga in one - but, of course it's the two-player mode that really stands out. Play your mates with your good old SNES if you want, but it's just as good online. The only thing to watch out for is a player such as Gotenks' multiple energy blasts. Button bashing is inevitable in any game, but if you can stop it, you are guaranteed to enjoy your game.

Enough rambling. It's a great fighting game, whether you are a Dragonball Z fan or not. Fans will find their favorite characters, and people unfamiliar with the series will find the energy blasts and fast paced fighting very appealing. Hardcore gamers will delight in exploring the complex blocking and clashing, as well as challenging computer opponents.

Best Cheats: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/snes/game/8955.html

Gamefaqs has a lot of good move lists etc.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 8


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