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Title: Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Author:Flying Edge
Rom Player: Gens
Reviewer: Zomboid

Synopsis: Another game based on a popular movie. Most of these are crap, but there's a few that are worth checking out. This one is only average but if you're a fan of the movie or old Genesis games you might like it. It's a pretty standard side scroller but it does have some things that stand out. Like how you can shoot a couch and it blows up like there's a bomb under the seats. It does that for a lot of things...even cupboards.

I'm assuming that anyone wanting to read this has seen the movie, so I won't describe the plot here. The game also expects that you've seen the movie, because there's no real explanation for anything. You play as the good terminator and have to protect John Connor and Sarah Connor throughout the game. I'm not gonna lie here, it can get very annoying having to protect two people who can be very, very stupid, but it does make things more challenging. Now then, to the review.

You start off outside the bar where Ahnuld gets his clothes in the movie but you'll quickly notice that you're already clothed, so no pixelated Ahnuld wang for you. Part of your first mission is to "destroy future objects". That's something you'll have to do on every level (I think...I've never beaten the entire game) and it can be a pain in the ass. Future objects are, for some dumbass reason, parts of terminators and they're scattered around every level. Yes, it screws with the movie continuity and makes no sense, but get over it. It's a game. Anyway, in addition to finding these items, you'll have a few different missions for this and every level afterward. Some will be easy and rather obvious, like finding a shotgun, while others will be a bit harder, like getting John. Of course, you can't just walk around grabbing shotguns and 10-year-old boys without getting hassled by bikers, mall cops, etc. Since you're Ahnuld, you don't take that crap. You start off with a knee attack (yes, you walk around kneeing people in the crotch for a bit) and a punch, but you get weapons on the first level so don't fret. You've always got two weapons and one of them has unlimited ammo, but it's just a pissy handgun that does little damage. The other one is always something like a shotgun or a machine gun and you'll be able to switch along the way. The enemies are mainly just annoying but can damage you a lot if there are a lot of them, and there usually are a lot of them if you don't kill them quickly. So it sounds easy, right? You walk around doing your little missions on each level and kill people. Well there's also the matter of the T-1000 chasing you. He is easily the most annoying part of the game. He can't be killed, he keeps coming after you, and he sometimes disguises himself. When you see him, shoot him till he's down and run. That's all you can really do at first. This isn't JUST a side scroller though. Between levels you need to get to your next destination. You do this by riding your motorcycle around and following the compass from a bird's eye view. You can drive at a regular speed and a turbo one. Only problem is, it's pretty easy to crash and you don't have unlimited health. Also, sometimes people TRY to take you out. At first you just have a motorcycle but later you get something bigger to carry more than one other person. I don't know how many levels there are in all, but it's not very long.

Gameplay: 6
Meh... Like I said, it's a standard side scroller. The little driving parts can be annoying but it does give the game a little something extra.

Graphics: 5
Regular Genesis graphics for the year, but pretty bad compared to most Genesis games.

Sound: 6
Odd music that really doesn't fit the game. The gun shots sound good though

Originality: 6
The two different kinds of gameplay in it make things a little better, but it's still a pretty regular game.

Overall: 6
It's a decent little distraction that's worth checking out if you like slightly odd but also kind of fun Genesis games. Personally, I'd say it's worth the download to see the exploding furniture alone.

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 6
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 6

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