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Title: Gunman's Proof
Author:Ascii Soft
Rom Player: ZSNES
Reviewer: Matt M. Koopa

Synopsis: I have seen some really fucked up things in my time, like a girl named Annie. If you what to date hear, you have to be blind or retarded, because she is maybe the most ugliest girl in the world.

Gunman's Proof will make you say a big "WHAT THE FUCK!!?". Mainly because it's 1. A game from Japan and 2. a game about a young teenage cowboy in the 1800's merging bodies with a space alien. Now I don't know what is more fucked up then that!

Warning: Before I review this "game" (I use the word fuck more then game). I'll advise you to keep a open mind, if you can't you are one of those X-Box fanboys, then fuck off!

Game Play: 7 1/2 (too bad there is no half on I-Mockery..)

The game play (if you call it that) is like playing a adventure game like Zelda, only you have cowboy stuff like guns and other cowboy shit. You have your normal adventure game stuff: health bar, # of ammo and your score. But (I start saying "fucked up" now), you don't shoot other cowboys, you shoot aliens that want to kill you for no reason.

Other then the stuff I said above, it plays like a Zelda game, you talk to people to get info on where to go, you get cash and buy stuff and you explore different areas and you shoot bad guys with different guns, it's not Resident Evil, but it's like that.

Graphics: 8

The graphics are very cartoony, like Earthbound. All the characters, even the bad guys, look like Earthbound. The animation is great, like when your character makes funny faces, IT'S FUCKING FUNNY!!

The towns, forests and other places you visit are very well detailed, some look creepy while others look cheerful (Earthbound, again..) and happy.

Music: ?

I wouldn't know, because I played this on my emulator at school, no sound :(. But I'll give it a 10 for no reason.

Originality: 10

I'll start say the word fuck a lot.

The story is about these two aliens from space, they crash land on Earth while they are escaping some bad guy.

Now we enter the main kid (who you name by the way), he walking along the path then BAM!!! A space ship falls on a tree. Your main kid a wondering what the fuck it is, then two space men, little tiny space men, exit the space craft and see the boy. They wonder if he is the hero, but skip the crap; his body is now controlled by one of the aliens. His parents are wondering what's wrong with him and it all takes place in the 1800's. Now that is fucked up.

Fucked up: 100% fucked up

If you like you games fucked up, then download it.

Overall: 8

A really good game, it's like Zelda and Earthbound mixed with sci-fi western humor, download it, NOW!!

Best Cheats: Nope, their isn't anything that will un-fuck it, sorry. But is you want cheats go to gamefaqs.com.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8


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