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Title: Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman
Author:Nintendo & Hudson
Rom Player: gb 98
Reviewer: Shane Skekel

Synopsis: Even though the Game Boy is the most popular handheld VG system, I am rather displeased that more people aren't writing more reviews to all of its games. Even though I did two of the Kirby games for this handheld.

This is another game in the Bomberman saga that kicks major ass for it has Wario and Bomberman together in order to defeat the Evil Bomber (Simple plot but effective). You still have those power ups that are useful in getting rid of your enemies, but there are many attributes of the playing fields that can help you on your way to victory or might end up blasting you into a pile of meat. There are upgrades you get form killing some of the bosses such as permanent bomb kick. This game is much more fun with a multi-player (Try this with Super Game Boy and you got an arena that will bring the funfactor way up).

The graphics are the same as Bomber Boy/Atomic punk which sums it up. Therefore, they get an 8 for being Bomberman.

Music and Sound = 9 The sound effects are very realistic for a GB and this with Super Game Boy. The music is good and unlike Bomberman Story for the GBA, It is actually enjoyable to listen to.

Overall, this game is worth the purchase since a rom just won't do unless you are Game Boy Rom hacker of course. Therefore, this game gets a ten because this is the first Bomberman game I have ever played.

Best Cheats: I'm not telling you the cheat codes.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 10

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