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Title: Final Fantasy Legend II (2nd review)
Rom Player: gb98
Reviewer: Mr. Crowley

Synopsis: If you haven't heard of Final Fantasy, by god you've been missing out. As far as the handheld titles that Squaresoft released are concerned, they were never as good as their console counterparts, but decent enough RPG's. One example is Final Fantasy Legend II. Although the game itself plot wise and overall anotomy is not as good as its cousin, Final fantasy legend III (I never played any other FF game boy title, but theres a few out there) its by no means a cold turkey. May not be a classic, nor an award winning game, but good enough for the die hard FF fans. There are some aspects of the game that do piss me off though, but the good outweighs the bad thankfully. (Forgive me if I write this review in a way which requires you to be familliar with the basics of RPG's)

The plot itself is quite a cliche, but that just makes it easier to explain. Your character (unlike later FF's, in which your character and defualt name is already in place, you choose your character's names and classes, from humans to mutants to monsters and robots, and their sex) and 3 of his/her friends will travel the world collecting 77 pieces of magi. These pieces have been said that once they are all collected the person who has them all becomes a god. Well, there are a lot of baddies out there who want to become the next great Satan, and we cannot have that, can we? Well thats when our protaganists come in, to save the world from magi seeking bastards, and like I said, the whole chilche.

If your too stupid to figure it out, this is an RPG, which means it hasa battle system. The system itself is part good and part crappy. Your weapons when used enough times can and will break, which means they will need to be replaced with gil (oh wait, in this game its gp) this can get frustuating since weapons most of the time are expensive and sometimes you will have to stick with old equipment. What also sucks is that your character is that he has a limited inventory, and what really puts the icing on the cake is the fact that your weapons and spells share the same slot, which means that well, your guys will have limited magic ablities. Speaking of magic, you have to buy it, and it runs out too like weapons, and it is rather expensive. However, it is a bang out of your buck for the magic in this game is quite powerful, except it DOESNT WORK ON FRIGGIN BOSSES! Yep, thats right. Magic is useless on bosses for some reason, making some boss fights a extreme pain in the ass. I urge you to train your guys hard and use the latest equipment before fighting any boss, espically the ones later in the game. Ok, I'm done slamming the game on a large scale. As for the rest of the battle system, its ok i suppose, its no different then any other RPG really. Oh, and lest I forget, your charactrers also have a class system. Humans are more warriors and thus rely more on brute strenght, while mutants tend to be magic users (isnt it funny how the makers didnt use magicians and just use freaks instead?) Monsters have special ablities (but really suck since they can only get stronger by eating monster meat collected after the battle, ill explain that later) and robots, which only can get stronger by collecting stronger weapons, not by exprience like the humans and the mutants.

As for the graphics are concerned, they aren't as good as FFL3's but I must say they look impressive for a handheld. Everything is detailed and worlds look good, and thats rare for such a simple system. Even if the graphics for the game werent so hot, it would be ok, since RPG's arent aclaimmed much for the visual aspect of it. And sure since its a gb game, its in black and white with a shade of grey, but nobody seems to mind.

THe gameplay is no different then any other FF game. You roam around until you hit a random battle, and your battle consists of a list of attack, magic (I think?) and the flee command. Also from what I read, unlike in the earlier FFL game, ppl do not talk to you unless you tap the A button. People said simply running into them got them to chat, and since the text was as slow as yurdle turtle, and with no way to cancel it, it was a pain in the ass. FFL2 does not have any of that, which is a godsend.

THe game is also filled with catchy tunes that can really suck you in. And depending on whats going on in the game, the music changes to set the setting. For example, when a sad scene occurs, the music gets very depressing. and sometimes, the music will get very uplifting. And when you die, your team gets sent to Valhalla, the palace of fallen warriors (and yes, I'm aware that according to legend Vallhalla is the place Viking warriors went when they died in battle. My point, uh i dunno) and the music gets once again, slow and dark, a sad tune. The sound effects, however are unforgettible, a lot of bleeps and bloops. The music however, is very good for the gb and some of the best tunes I've ever heard on a gb (but compared to console versions, it gets blown outta the water, I know its unfair to compare hh consoles to regular ones) I wont bother with originality, since I sort of discussed that earlier.

All in all, may not be the next Legend of Zelda, nor the Godfather of the hand held world, but FFL2 deserves a shot, since it is a little fun game to play. I'm sure it wasnt intended to be Squaresoft's grand masterpiece, probably just a small project to make some extra money. Sure you can play better, but you cant go wrong with this one.

Best Cheats: There are cheats out there, but to be honest I am more concerned going over classes. You choose them (vets of FF one should already know what I'm talking about, so u can skip this) and choose a right team requires the proper knowledge. Ill go over what I recommend as well as the game manual suggestion, since each class has different ablities. For one, dont use four of the same class (ex. four humans, four monsters) you want a team with different ablities. But you can use two of the same class, like two humans two mutants, two mutants and two robots. Ill make a list of the top choices, but I think you should expriment what you should use 1.Human, monster, mutant robot 2.two humans, two mutants 3.two mutants, two robots do not use 1.any four of the same (espically four monsters, they are a pain since they can only get stronger by eating meat, and good strong meat is hard to come by) thats all I can think of really. Oh and there are game genie codes.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 3
Overall Rating: 6

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