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Title: Metroid 2: The Return of Samus (2nd Review)
Rom Player: gb98
Reviewer: AvikaW

Synopsis: This is one of my favorite handhelds. When I'm not going for a speed run or listening to the music, I'm exploiting the cool glitches of this broken game. Normally, a game this glitched makes me hate it. The opposite is true with this game.

Gameplay-9. The glitches are just so amazing. If it's not really messed up enemies, it's secret worlds and shortcuts using the secret world. The main quest, while repetitive, is also fun. Your job is to kill every Metroid. Metroids are limited in number and are the hardest of all the enemies. For most of the Metroids, only missiles can hurt them. The screw attack, while fatal for all other enemies, simply makes you immune to their attacks. For the larval Metorids you face before the queen, you'll need to freeze them with the ice beam before you can kill them with missiles. If the larvas latch on to you, either exit the room or use bombs to get them off before they drain all your energy. The queen requires one of two strategies to kill. Either blast her head with 150 missiles or shoot a missile INTO her mouth when she tries to eat you(it has to be open)and morph into a ball. She'll retract her head with you in it. Press down and roll into her stomach. Place three bombs into her belly. When theydetonate, she'll spit you out. Fifteen bombs and a few missiles will cause her to die and disappear, a few pixels at a time. You'll then find the baby Metroid, a metroid that helps you escape and in immune to all attacks.

music-a few songs-9. Most are great, including the main cave song and the ending song. For a bunch of bleeps and bloops, the songs are catchy.

Graphics-10-black and white and detailed. The lack of backround really helps with the mood. The eneimes are detailed and this is the first Metroid game to use the current model of Samus. No surprise that the game rocks. the man behind it is also the inventor of the Gameboy. Truly a genious.

originality-8-for a Metroid game-very original. As a stand alone game-not very. This game, plus the other two in the original triligy, are based off the Alien movies. Overall-10. This game is fun. Plain and simple. It may not have full color, 3-d graphics that put even the best of the current generation of console games including RE4 to shame, but among the best for the handheld that crushed many opponents without mercy.

Best Cheats: More of a glitch than a cheat. If you are falling in a vericle shaft or a very large room and it'ss be at least a few seconds before you land, press select alot to activate a glitch that might let you enter a secret world, which is really a graphicle glitch of the tileset that rearranges certain tiles, making it seem like you found a way into a hidden area.
If you hit an Alpha Metroid(the easiest form) with a missile before it notices you, it will count as a hit if the Alpha metroid doesn't mutate. This only allows for one free hit on one type of Metroid

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 1


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