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Title: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Rom Player: Meka
Reviewer: Bad Mr. Frosty

Synopsis: This was the first Game Gear game I've ever owned or played. It came packaged with my Game Gear when I bought it back in '92. I traded it in to Nofunland in '94 because it was too hard for me then. But just last week I saw it on eBay for five bucks and thought, "Wow, I remember this game! I couldn't even beat this first boss when I had it! I need closure in my life. I should buy this again; I'll be able to beat the entire game now after all the gaming experience I've gained sense then!" But I was wrong. This game is as rotten as it was back then. Some things never change.

The storyline differs a little bit from the Genesis version. Instead of Robotnik making a doomsday machine to destroy the planet, he has kidnapped Sonic's annoying little friend Tails and holds him for ransom. If you want Tails back, you'll have to collect all six of the Chaos Emeralds and give them to Robuttnik.

Game Play:3
Sonic runs way too fast to control him properly.
And maybe it's just me but I think he jumps lower then he jumps in any other handheld Sonic game. He also slides alot when you try to run in the other direction.

These are some of the best graphics I've seen for GG. Sonic's spikes are a little more lightish blue then in most of his game.

I have never gotten past the second world so I've only heard that song and the first level's one. Of the two I like the first one best; it reminds me of Gambits theme from Spiderman X-Men for SNES.

This is the most hardest and aggravating GG game I have ever played. It's WAY too hard.

The whole plot where you have to save somebody like a friend or a princess has been done SO many times before. Couldn't they just have taken time to think of something else?

Overall Rating:3
No wonder I had no problem finding this game on eBay. It stinks!!! I'd say there was about 100 others up there for auction at the same time as mine. Don't pay over $5.00 bucks for it. And for you morons that went to Ames and bought it for $19.99 when they re-released it, you have my pity.
In fact, I'm going to go destroy this game by first submerging it into gasoline and then dropping a lighted match upon it. "Whoa! The Flames are growing higher! Higher! Muuuuhahahahaaa!!! This piece of garbage is no more! Now that that's over, I'm going to go play with He-Man & Skeletor."

Best Cheats: Cheats & Hints taken from GavLuvsGA

It is very easy to get stuck on this game, and, unlike the original, which had NO cheats, this has a level select! You can now play the Crystal Egg Zone to your heart's content without having to collect the emeralds. To do the cheat, hold DOWN/LEFT, and buttons 1 and 2 on the SEGA screen. Press start to skip the intro. On the title screen, watch Tails. He blinks once, then twice more, in succession. On the third blink, press start (this will take a few attempts to get right). Select the level you want by pressing button 2. This may take several attempts to get just right. This does work; I've tried it myself.
Please do not write to me just to say you can't get it to work; however, according to one of my friends there is an easier alternative you can try

When you see the short Movie of tails getting captured, press and hold lower left+1+2 then while pressing and holding press and hold Start wait for the Main logo screen (Tails and Sonic) and wait for two chime (ring collect)sounds. Release all the buttons, and press start to enter the Level Select
menu. No need to click start on the third blink, thatís just another way, but this one works ever time:)

In order to get the secret level in this game without cheating, you have to get all the Chaos Emeralds, and finish Scrambled Egg Zone. And then there should be the secret level, Crystal Egg Zone.

Unlike Sonic 1, ALL the emeralds are on act 2 of their level.

Underground Zone
Stay at the top of the level and, at the end, there is a big gap you must jump over. The emerald is on a hard to reach platform above the exit.

Sky High Zone
Ugh! Horrible! Get the hang glider at the beginning and keep flying along, and don't hit anything, which is easier said than done. The emerald's way up in the clouds. It isn't that hard, there's a cloud hidden before the platform that hosts the emerald that can bounce you up. It's a small cloud, and If I recall right, has a bigger "Plus" Like cloud.

I'll try and explain this a bit more simply - head right until you reach a long cloud platform (you can either jump or spring up to it) and find the cloud spring at the right hand end (if you fall there are some springs below so you can make your way up again). You will probably take a few tries, but by springing right from here you should find another cloud spring. Land on this and you should make it to the emerald.

Aqua Lake Zone
In the last tube section, before the really hard bit with the rising bubble and the creatures that attack you, hold left and you will shoot down another pipe, leading to the emerald.

Green Hills Zone
About half way through act 2, there is a platform with three springs on, just left of some spikes. Used the springs to spring as far right as you can and you should, after some practice, land on some more springs. Hold right again and you will land on a ledge with the emerald.

Gimmick Mountain Zone
After the first set of conveyor belts, you will go up a hill. Just before the Burrowbot appears, jump left to find a false wall. Just follow the passage

Scrambled Egg Zone
Beat Silver Sonic. It's the only way :)

N.B. You cannot go Super Sonic on this game; sorry to disappoint you. I'm
sure most people know this but there are always a few...

Be warned: There are NO rings on the boss levels!

Underground Zone: Mad Robotnik and the Claws
Follow the act along and you will reach a pit which you cannot jump over. Jump down and just as you are about to die a fiery death, Robotnik will save you (what???) and drop you by a pair of claws. Stand on the slope and be alert, about six ball bearings will bounce down, one at a time. Some will bounce higher than others. Try and leap over each one and then Robotnik will try to ram you. Jump over him and he'll collide wit the claws and destroy them. He won't return until the Crystal Egg Zone (if you make it that far).

Sky High Zone: The Birds!
Jump over the gaps and enter the clouds. Four chicks will appear, so kill them and another four will follow. You will then drop down to another set of clouds with four eggs on, which are releasing chicks. Kill them, and destroy the eggs. When all the eggs are destroyed, mother bird will appear (well, she's a robot actually) and she's angry. Wait until the bird is about to spit a fireball, and jump on her head. Be careful or you will rebound into the fireball and die! Keep hitting the bird until it's destroyed.

Aqua Lake Zone: Performing Seal
The easiest boss in the game! The seal will balance a ball on its nose, so jump on it and hit the seal. Jump on the seal again and it will balance you on its nose. If you push right, the seal will move in that direction. It will then throw you off. Repeat as above.

Green Hills Zone: Sumo Pig
After navigating the spikes using the springs (which is very hard in itself), you will find a ditch with a sumo wrestler/pig on one side. Stand in the middle and the pig will curl up into a ball. This is a really tough boss! It will either roll across (jump), shoot across horizontally (duck) or jump across, then roll back. As soon as it uncurls, hit it. And keep avoiding its attacks until it's dead. Be prepared to lose several
lives here.

Gimmick Mountain Zone: Spiked Pig
This is REALLY easy! Jump over its head as it tries to ram you and avoid the shells that appear from above, and hit the pig while its spikes are temporarily retracted.

Scrambled Egg Zone: Silver Sonic
Another easy boss. As well as jumping at you, he will slide at you and try to grab you. If you hit him when he's curled up, providing you're spin attacking yourself, you will just bounce off. Hit him when he's standing upright.

Crystal Egg Zone: Dr. Robotnik
As soon as you enter the arena, drop into the pipe. Robotnik will send all sorts of stuff into the arena, followed by a lightning flash. After this, hold up to exit the pipe and hold up and right to hit the doctor and quickly return to the pipe. Eventually you'll beat him and he'll run off into a teleporter.

Game Play: 3
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 5
Originality: 4
Overall Rating: 3

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