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Title: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Rom Player: gb98
Reviewer: Rammstein_87

Synopsis: When I was about 7, I remember the Christmas party and getting a Gameboy with Zelda: Linkís Awakening from my Grandma. I had every right to be excited because of the great game that it is.

The storyline is a bit of a twist this time around: After Ganon's defeat in A Link to the Past, Link wanted to increase his abilities as a hero. He found many opportunities out in the ocean (about the part I just wrote about, I got it in a magazine, so if itís wrong, sorry. But the following info is in the game.) But during one stormy night, Link's boat was destroyed. Knocked out, he was on a mysterious island named Koholint Island. He was discovered washed up on the beach by a girl named Marin. She takes him to her father and her house in a village called Mabe village. Whatís strange about these people is that they are so isolated from the rest of the world, they believe that they are the only people of the world, kinda like the ancient Greeks. But new mysteries make Link wonder.
How will he ever get home? What are the residents of the island's past? Who is the Wind Fish? People told Link that the Wind Fish sleeps on an egg on Mt. Tomabranch, and Link was also instructed by a talking owl (yes, talking) that he could not leave the island unless he woke the Wind Fish. (the owl does play a big role in the game, wanted to tell you that)

The bigger questions are who is the Wind Fish, and why does Link need him to escape?

Who is the owl?

Does he have a connection to the Wind Fish, or Koholint Island's past?

Is he friend or foe?

And I quote from the owl, "You may find it a trifle difficult to leave the island. It is said that you cannot leave until you wake the wind fish"......

Link's Awakening showed what the Gameboy was made of.
The graphics were great for the Gameboy, at least. Also, it was original and very fun. The discovery of a new tool or area kept you glued to the GB. My mom bought me an adapter after she spent so much money for me on batteries. Just shows you how addicting the game is. Also, there is a shitload of new tunes, as well as the legendary Zelda theme. LA resembled A Link to the Past (play both and youíll see), but it was a whole new adventure of things to see or do. And ah yes, what kind of Zelda game would there be without secrets? There is a shitload of secrets and heart pieces in the game that are waiting for you to find. I've had the game for years and I probably still havenít found at least 1 secret yet (I used to be the kind of player that would just go through the game without exploring, but Zelda would be less fun that way, right?). Iíll just say this: if you donít have this game, youíre missing a piece of your GB (not literally.)

Best Cheats: I dont know any real cheats, but i know of a few tricks and there are some glitches to the game.
1.Shoplifting-In town, u must go in the shop, get the clerk's attetion to the wall by looking at him, if u get him to look in that direction long enough, he will keep looking at the wall and you can grab the item and escape.HOWEVER THERE IS A DOWNSIDE EVEN IF U GET AWAY WITH IT. If u go back in,(and u will probably have to.) the clerk will zap u and u will die. Youre name will automatically be Thief.

2.So u dont wanna be called thief, but ya wanna get a discount? no prob. Well in town pick up an item in the store(this works best with high priced goods)and pay for it like normal. Like any purchased item, you ruppe supply should drain quickly.Run out of the storeAS FAST AS U POSSIBLY CAN!and push all the buttons at once and save. depending on how fast you do it, will be how much money u have when u just saved.(for example if u have bow and arrow and pay for it for 900 bucks, run out and youre drained by 600 and save, load the game and u should have 600left.) Since your ruppes drain after u bought the item, even after u go out of the store,(you see what i mean by ruppe draining)this is what makes that trick possible.And you wont be called a thief or even be zapped!

3.glitch teleportation.I only have heard of this trick today, but when you are about to leave the screen and about to enter a new one, push a or b and you should be on the other side of the new screen not where youre supposed to be.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 10
Music/Sound: 10
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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