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Title: Mortal Kombat
Author:Midway and Acclaim
Rom Player: gb98
Reviewer: Stephen, you can call me.

Synopsis: Mortal Kombat. The blood, the guts, the pit full of spikes, the realistic fighting! Well, for the time, that is, but still good! Now, we put in Gameboy! The Gameboy is property of Nintendo, who fucked it up on the Super Nintendo. This time, they do it worse! The fighting is slow and grainy! The controls will have you throwing your gameboy and bashing your car with a sledgehammer!! The fatalities are absolute CRAP!!!! Liu Kang does a flippy thingy and uppercuts you, Kano kicks you, Johnny Cage takes a vacation (not that I mind or anything) and Sub Zero slide punches you! WTF!? The only Fatalities that are good are Sonyaís (because it's accurate) Scorpionís (accurate too) and Raidenís (mainly because instead of just hitting them, he turns into energy and shocks them to death) other than that, SUCK!! The music is OK, it's seems that they didn't fuck up there. They took away the endings. That's right, no more interest! The changed the controls so that you have to do back forward kick (I think) to freeze someone as Sub Zero! FUCK! And the backgrounds look good. The MAIN problem at hand is the tiny testicled Nintendo who took away the gore. Another thing is that they were such pussies that they changed certain things. For instance, I saw last night playing MKDA and looked at the comic book for MK and it said for Scorpionís birthplace "In former life: Unknown As Scorpion: Hell" only instead the PokeFucks changed the Scorpion birthplace to Unknown. Just WHAT THE FUCKIS THE DEAL! The GameGear version is better. Sorry Nintendo, but Sega wins. Fatality.

Best Cheats: When it says "The End" hold UP+LEFT+SELECT+A until it says "Goro Lives on... AS YOU!" ooh, scary! But actually awesome because you play as Goro. The names change, but I prefer the normal names. Face it, Nintendo. You aren't X-Treme and you aren't funny.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 7

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