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Title: Doom (3rd Review)
Author:id Software
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Andrew Peterson

Synopsis: Thought of by many as the "original" First Person Shooter, it is a classic in the hearts of many. The game was a revolution in three dimensional graphics rendering in video games, surpassing the true "original" FPS, Wolfenstein 3D. Unlike it's predecessor, Wolfenstein, which could only have walls at 90 degree angles and be 9 feet thick(in the game's envioment's measurements), it allowed the designers to make levels much more interesting and unique. It also included many weapons and monsters to add to the mix.

The three dimensional graphics are great even when compared to the newer generation of games. Plenty of detailed textures and nicely drawn sprites (2d characters) are all straight to the point. Even some of the bigger monsters are very detailed and almost look like pictures of 3d characters. The guns were done with precision as well, looking smooth and realistic. It also had amazing lighting effects for its time, with broken and strobbing effects being done in areas where it fits. Even the main character's little face (his "mug" as it is referred to in the instruction book) is animated to suit the enviorment, and even proves to be quite useful in battles, looking left if shot by something to the left or vice versa or showing how damaged he is).

The sound in this game is very accurate. The gunshots aren't over the edge and seem realistic. The monsters seem to sound the same; all do the same grunts when idle and screams of pain when shot and killed. There are more sounds repeated often, like when you try to open something you can't, or when your character gets hit (that sound being two gasps). The sound of you or another monster exploding or being squished can send a chill down anyone's spine. The music is catchy and very fitting, though they are simple midis (then again, some of the best VG music came from old NES games!)

This is my favorite part, here. It basically took Wolfenstien 3d's style and made it much better. The controls are solid, and strafing was implemented soundly, as well as all the action keys. The lack of shooting up and down isn't great, but it's replaced by an easy-to-use automated system that will aim your bullets for you. But what really makes this game stand out (in my opinion) is the fact that it's funnest to play on the hardest difficulty (if you turn enemy regeneration off) and you basically use your head. When you have to take out enemies using the primitive style of stealth they implemented in the game. You even have to repeat levels over and over, yet it is not frustrating or annoying; it simply puts your skills and mind to the test in a way most games cannot.

Though not the first of its kind, it definitely started it. It has a style and fun factor that is rarely surpassed, even with all of the modern technology. It can be thanked for being an inspiring factor for about 70% of the games we see today. It was really a landmark in the industry.

Best Cheats: idbeholda: Gain Computer Area Map item (active until next map level)
idbeholdi: Gain Blur Artifact (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholdl: Gain light-amplification visors (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholdr: Gain radiation suit (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholds: Gain Berserk Pack (can be toggled on/off)
idbeholdv: Gain Invulnerability Artifact (can be toggled on/off)
idchoppers: Gain chain saw (cannot be toggled off)
idclev##: Warp to map ## (first # is Episode number, second # is map 1 to 9)
iddqd: Toggle "invincibility" on/off (when on, health is 100%)
iddt: Type 3 times in Automap mode to 1) Reveal map, 2) Add Objects, 3) Reset
Alt-tiddt: Like iddt but Objects include opponents (game versions before 1.9)
idfa: Gain all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor (game versions 1.4 and above)
idkfa: Gain 3 keys, all weapons, full ammo, 200% armor
idmus##: Use music track ## (## is a number from 11 to 45; full version 1.9)
idmypos: Flash a message giving player's angle and coordinates in hexadecimal
idspispopd: Allows player to walk through walls and other objects

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 10


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