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Title: Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Mr. Stookymalarkey

Synopsis: This game is bloody good RPG/Point n click adventure hybrid that many gamers in the past have enjoyed. The gameplay, although is mostly classic Sierra fare for the most part( who's complaining?!) is broken up by some great side-scroller beat 'em up action when a battle arises. The character class that you choose at the start affects both of these modes in different ways. For example, a fighter can bash his way through a trap and can get up close and personal in bout while a magic user has to rely on their arsenal of spells for combat and puzzles. Trust me, this works out a lot better than it sounds.

The story goes like this: Your guy (he has no default name) wakes up in a gruesome cave of sorts right after being shanghai’ed magically at the end of the last game. After find your way out, you, being the hero-type and all, have to hang out around the country of Mordavia to discover why the hell you've been sent there (you'll never guess why) while simultaneously have to help out the non-violent denizens of Mordavia.
This place has a horror motif going for it that is Transylvania in look and feel while some known and unknown undead monsters running around, from zombies and vampires to wraiths and razulki. With some excellent voice acting (including John Ryes Davis of Indiana Jones and now Lord of the Rings Fame) and writing, both done in a funny and sometimes even Lovecraft-ian manner, you sure won't be bored. Just look out for some of the nasty program bugs; they'll kill your game faster than a wraith!

Best Cheats: This is more of fatal bug error than a cheat. IF you're using the ANthology version of the game, there's save games on the CD which will have the Chernobyl in the swamp section finished for you right at the start. You'll need to use this to skip this vital section since the game freezes up at this section on newer games.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 9
Originality: 9
Overall Rating: 9


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