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Title: Sam & Max Hit the Road
Author:Lucas Arts
Rom Player: Macintosh
Reviewer: boinky33

Synopsis: Remember back in the day when everybody made adventure games? Only a small percent of them were good, and Sam n' Max is one of them. To me, Lucas Arts is the only company that actually makes good adventure games, but adventure games are a dying breed. I can't wait until the new Sam n' Max games comes out next year. Anyways, Sam n' Max is an old game from Lucas Arts from 1994, which is based off a comic book. I never read the comic book, but if it was like the game, it must be good! Sam and Max are a duo of detectives. Sam is the leader, a big brown dog. Max is Sam's naked side-kick, a little white rabbit who follows Sam and makes witty wise cracks during the adventure.
This games is full of funny and challenging puzzles that even non-adventure game players will enjoy it. I just hope in the next game they will give you full control of Max as well.
The only thin I didn't like in the game was that you could not enter the boss's office. I tried forever, thinking I could get in there.
All in all, this is a great game and should be enjoyed by all, young and old, black and white, dog and rabbit.

Best Cheats: Cheats:
The starting of the game:
Get the light bulb from the cupboard.
Get the cash from the mousehole.
Exit the office and talk to the Cat on the sidewalk.
Use Max on him to obtain the orders.
Pick up the Paper Cup from one of the Snuckey's.
Inside, walk around until Max wants to go to the bathroom.
Pick up the Pecan Candy (left hand row, top shelf) and talk to the attendant.
Ask him to sell you the Pecan Candy.
Then ask about the bathroom - Max will take the key and leave.
Finish the conversation quickly and go outside.
Talk to Max before he re-enters the Snuckey's and take the key from him.
Now go to the Carnival.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 8
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 10


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