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Title: Space Quest IV
Rom Player: (none, it's a PC game NimRodSteward)
Reviewer: Mr. Stookymalarkey

Synopsis: IF there is one point n' click adventure game you should play, it should be this one. As space Janitor and part time adventure guy Roger Wilco, you have to save your home planet from the robotic grips of Sludge Vohaul, evil genius and full-time pain in the rear. Using time travel machinery you stole from his goons, Roger has to traverse time to previous games and future adventures to get the means of stopping Vohaul for the last time. Yeah, I suck at doing plot summaries, so freakin' sue me!

This game uses the sierra point n click game system, which has been used in such games as King's Quest 6, Quest for Glory 3 and Freddy Pharkas. It handles pretty well for all comers to the game and it allows for you to do some funny things like putting your tongue on things never mean for digestion. As well, you'll always have full control over each situation, no matter how bizarre. Graphics are excellent for the game's age, especially with over 20 people working on the backgrounds. The music is decent but it never does stick out in one's mind, except for the main theme. One last thing is that the game is full of funny stuff, encouraging you to poke, examine and even sniff everything just to see what biting remark the narrator hits you with next. In fact, the game is mean for killing off Roger as much as possible, since there is over 30 ways to off the mop jockey!

Best Cheats: The game was meant for older systems, so you'll need a program called Turbo to slow the system down for scenes like the the hoverskate park escape in the Galleria Mall. THe program lasts until; you turn it off and it doesn't damage your system at all.

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/Sound: 7
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 9


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