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Title: King's Quest I
Author:Sierra On-Line
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: The Decapitated Mole

Synopsis: King's Quest I was the first Quest game that was ever made by Sierra On-Line. It was also the first to use their AGI [Adventure Game Interpreter] Game Engine. Although it is old, it is still an excellent game with a good plot, good gameplay, and excellent graphics for the time.
Unlike most old Sierra games, the character in this game is not red, but yellow. This game is also unlike the other old Sierra games in other ways. For instance, most of the objects on the ground that you pick up. In the newer old SOL games, you walk into them, and know that they are there. It is harder, however, in KQ1, because for 1, the objects are not solid, so you walk right over them. This creates another problem, it is hard to tell what objects are, or if they are objects at all, and not just part of the background. Because the graphics are so bad, it is not very easy to tell what it is you're looking at most of the time.
Now it is time for me to discuss the good aspects of this game. The plot is quite good and well thought out. You, Grahm, are summoned to the king's palace. He informs you that he is dying, and so is the kingdom. He sends you on a quest to recover three things to revive the kingdom of Daventry to its former glory. After you find them, you shall become king.
The puzzles are challenging, but not so much so that it is too difficult to figure them out. This game was a major accomplishment for its time, and it still stands true today, as King's Quest is Sierra On-Line's longest-running series, and has lots of excellent games.


Best Cheats: Pressing ALT+D during play will allow you to enter Debug Mode.
while in debug mode:
type "TP" to teleport to any room in the game
type "get item" to get any item in the game
and things like that.

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 2
Music/Sound: 3
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 5


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