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Title: 3 in Three
Author:Inline Design
Rom Player: Executioner if you own windows, otherwise any Macintosh system is just peachy.
Reviewer: AaronGuy

Synopsis: When I think of Puzzle games, many kinds of subgenre dance about my head. Some are arcade/puzzle, like Tetris. Others are adventure/puzzle, like Myst. But some go under INSANE/puzzle. Thus, we have 3 in Three.

One upon a time in corporate America, the shadowy figures of 2 men sit hunched over a spreadsheet. A three at the end of a figure needs to be rounded off for uniformity. Just then, a freak power surge zaps the computer, and the three FALLS THROUGH A HOLE IN THE SPREADSHEET.

Despite the fact I consider myself a clever individual, I CAN NOT make shit like that up.

Basically, the game situates around puzzles that would give the SATs penis envy. For example, in one puzzle, "Fall from grace", you get a series of letters ("SAINT"). You have to arrange the letters to form a new word ("STAIN"). You click on the letter, and it swaps with another. The deal is, the letter switches with one of the other four letters depending on the position of the other letters, and it's own. So, you now have 2 ways to solve the problem:

a) Learn the rules for each letter (5 letters, 5 positions.. I'm guessing about 25 for each)
b) Click as if you were 'playing' Ragnarok Online (which means click A LOT).

Unless you're a great intellectual, you'll probably stumble your way through most of the game. Which is a shame, because it has it's share of humor, as well as a few interesting puzzles that DON'T require a membership in Mensa to accomplish. All in all, if you think you can take it, give it a shot.

Best Cheats: For the final puzzle, just hold down the right arrow key. Whoosh.

Game Play: 5
Graphics: 7
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 6
Overall Rating: 6

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