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Title: A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Dream Warriors
Author:Activision/Monarch/Westwood Studios
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Skunkboy Kyle

Synopsis: It's 1986, and you're being stalked by an evil entity, a burnt man in a dirty red and green sweater with a right handed glove of claws. Your friend Joey has already been captured, and you and your friends are the only ones left to stop this mad man, who your new doctor Nancy Thompson tells you is Freddy Krueger.

In this game based on A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, it's your versus Freddy over ten levels of hell in a nightmare. As any of the dream warriors except Joey, you can fight Freddy to the "death", but be forewarned, for Freddy has a few tricks up his sleeve. Armed to the teeth and caffeine your character will go thru the Elm Street house, the sewers, the boiler room, and more as you try to fight off Freddy's army. Everything from evil slime to skeletons to wheelchairs will try to kill you, but these characters are ready for them! Not only do they each have a special dream power, Freddy has unintentionally left a few of his favorite toys out for you to use, such as chainsaws, shotguns, and even holy water!

The game has beautiful graphics, since it came out after the Nintendo did, and the gameplay is awesome, but lacks something: Music. Without music, just an ambient heartbeat that comes from the PC speaker, this game is actually pretty horrible. The characters, including Nancy herself, all have special powers they can use, which is represented by the POWER bar. They also have SOUL. SOUL goes down when they're hurt, run out of SOUL and you join Freddy's children.
Along the way Amanada Krueger comes in to help you. She can increase your power and give hints. All in all a great game.

Best Cheats: Tunneling: On levels that have tunneling, which there are only a few of, you can go right thru walls with certain weapons. Kincaid's dream power, power punch, can also go thru walls.
Health cheat: Get to level 5 and save at the ladder to level 6. Exit the game and make all the files in the game folder read only and start the game while still inside Windows 95 or higher. Now enter the ladder. You will gain SOUL from Amanda. Go back up the ladder and move around. Then go back down. You'll gain more soul. Continue to do this until your SOUL goes as far as the game allows, then ALT+TAB out and make all the files write able again and go back into the game and save.
Magnets: No purpose whatsoever, avoid!
Crate magic: Save when you get to a crate, before you open it. Then open it. If it isn't what you desire, load the game and do it again.
Time Passes... - If you stand in one place, the Time Passes start adding up. If 50 Time Passes go by while you're idle Freddy will hurt one of your friends!
Fight Freddy: Do the crate trick, and keep doing it until Fred himself pops out of the crate!

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 6
Music/Sound: 1
Originality: 7
Overall Rating: 10


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