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Title: ROGUE: The Adventure Game
Author:Epyx Incorporated
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Rimn

Synopsis: I was surprised to not already see a review of Rogue here. But then again, who's heard of it?

It's a just simple RPG. Nothing special, unless you compare it to all the other games available in 1985. It is credited with being the very first graphical computer game. The designers used text to draw a dungeon, not just describe it. The other huge diggerence is that the dungeons are never the same. Each level is randomly generated as you enter it. If you save a game, and go down a level, it would look different if you reloaded the game and went down again. You could just play it over and over again. You'd get tired of it, but in theory, you could just keep playing. Or something like that.

You can wear stuff like armor, rings, and whatnot, just like in any other RPG. You can run around and kill shit, just like in any other RPG. "Just like in any other RPG". Why? Because Rogue was a huge success that started "any other RPG" that is popular now. Rogue is a blast from the past. A text-based, 16 color blast that's a year older than I am.

Game play is pretty good. It's almost a bare-bones RPG. They kept it simple, and therefore enjoyable. And replaying it would always bring a differing experience due to randomly generated dungeon levels.

The graphics don't look that great through my eyes which have played tons of better looking games like Secret Agent, Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, 3Demon, Capture The Flag, the Muncher series (Word, Number), Red Baron (Hehe. Just kidding about that one), and some other stuff I can't think of right now due to Skittle-brain-shock. Anyway, in 1985, the graphics were a major breakthrough. Any computer had the capability of running it looking pretty much the same. I'm sure anyone playing it nowadays would hate the graphics. Looks like crap, eh? Well, then get a load of the splash screen you see on playing! It'll blow your mind. Blast from the past... that blows. Uhm, in a good way. Blow your mind.

Uh, music... there's no music. Thank God. The idea of a game like this having the computer's internal speaker play a four note jingle over and over again is sickening. Over and over. Don't imagine it. I beg of you! Don't! Over and over! AHH! Like a car commercial. I'm giving it points on the music scale for not having music.

Originality: of course there's been plenty of RPGs before 1985. But this game spawned many a generation of new "rogue-like" games. I can't even begin to name them. This was the first like it. Ever. So many followed this simple game.

Overall, it gets a six. I just took the average of the numbers previously pulled out of my ass and rounded down. Hehe. I used "ass" and "rounded" in the same sentence.

If you want to download this game, then just search for "download rogue epyx" on any decent web searching page. I have the game on a diskette from the depths of hell/my basement so I never had to download it.

Best Cheats: You can edit saved game files with something like UGE (short for Universal Game Editor) to beef stats, jack your gold up, boost hp, etc, you damn cheating bastard, you.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 4
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 8
Overall Rating: 6


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