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Title: Wolfenstein 3D
Author:id software
Rom Player: N/A
Reviewer: Protoclown

Synopsis: The 3d shooter that started it all! This is the predecessor of Doom, the game that really put id software on the map. But before there was Doom, there was Wolfenstein! There was nothing greater than mowing down Nazis with high powered weapons! I fell in love with this game the moment I first saw it, because it was unlike any other PC game before its time. You were a lone soldier against an endless army of Nazi goons. You even got to kill Hitler (who was wearing power armor) at the end of one of the missions! What more could you ask?? The second stage had all sorts of weird mutated zombie troops that had three arms. It's a shame that the console version of this game pales in comparison, due to the removal of all Nazi references (even the german sheperds were changed to giant rats), because the main reason this game was so fun was that you got to smear Nazis everywhere. Ahh, I miss the good ol' days, when you would hear the feeble cry of "Mein Leben" after mowing down an SS soldier. This game may not hold up as well by today's standards but it's the grand-daddy of them all and as such it should get the proper amount of respect!

This game is shareware and anybody can download it for free from http://www.download.com Enjoy!

Best Cheats: Nothing Entered

Game Play: 8
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 6
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 7


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