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Title: Warcraft II
Rom Player: PC
Reviewer: Miko_Chan

Synopsis: From the mighty halls of Blizzard entertainment, came a game known as Warcraft 2, the sequal to the obviously titled Warcraft. My affection for this game may be a little biased, it being the first computer game I ever really played seriously. But I am not alone in my thinking, but I digress.
I first was introduced to the game by my boyfriend who put it up on my computer to play in my Dorm room. A mere few mintues into gameplay, my boyfriend became a victim of the now infamous computer grunt/knight rush. I started to crack up at the cheesy death sounds "oooahguh!" And I laughed the hardest at a poor peon (worker) who stood dumbly in one place while a catapult rained death upon his little orcy head. There began my love affair Warcraft 2.
The gameplay is simple to understand. The first few missions let you get your feet wet before you take the plunge into the deep end of classic stragety.
There are two dinstinct campaingns you can play. The orcs, and the humans. Both are massive and massively entertaining. There are numerous different types of missions, from land battles, to sea battles, from seiges to stormings. Its all here kiddies.
And the humor, oh my god, the humor. Blizzard started a trend here. Every time you click on a unit he says something different, and funnier than the last. Here is an example:
Orc Peon
"Ready to work"
"Stop poking me"
"I would not do such things if I were you!"
"I feel funny"
"Burp!, excuse me!"

and this one!
"Would you PLEASE stop touching me."
"don't you have a kingdom to run?"
"Join the army they said..."
"see the world, they said..."
"I'd rather be sailing."
AH classic, just like the voices that go along with it. (Orc Voice Guy cultist reporting). Besides, the game has exploding sheep. "Baa, ram, ewu...BOOM! "giggle!"
Oh did I mention you can play this baby online for free?, Oh yes you can! The online play is pretty good and fairly lag free. Although Battlenet, the client the game plays on, really gets buggy sometimes. Yeah the AI is kind of numb, and likes to rush you. (ah grunt rush!) But this can be forgiven since the AI can be really funny sometimes. Watch guys get stuck and just stand there blindly while you slaughter them with your one mage, (yeah blizzard rules.)
The game that made the phrases "grunt rush" and "comp stomp" household words. The game that has one voice actor more popular than some of todays stars, and lets not forget the game that spawed the beautiful looking, heavily modded (heehehe, Tower D), Warcraft 3. Yes Warcraft 2 and the follow up expansion are available still in stores, 15 bucks a copy and you get to play it online for free, forever! Take that EverQuest!

Best Cheats:

Game Play: 9
Graphics: 5
Music/Sound: 4
Originality: 10
Overall Rating: 8


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